Add a Sports Pool to Your Backyard


If you are contemplating adding a pool to your home, the sports pool style offers many advantages that may benefit both children and teenagers alike.

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Ideal for water sports, entertaining guests, and relaxation, its two shallow ends allow individuals to stand up and play without crowding into one end or treading water in the deep end.

More Usable Space

Swimming, hosting pool parties, or just lounging in the water – whether for swimming, hosting pool parties, or lounging in its waters – sports pools make an excellent addition to any backyard. They provide more usable space than traditional pools – with shallow ends and deeper sections providing enough standing room without crowding one side or having to tread through deep waters.

Sports pools provide the ideal setting for playing volleyball and basketball games, providing equal playing conditions across teams. Furthermore, their central area makes for perfect volleyball or basketball courts as it ensures fair play between all participants. They’re also perfect for water exercises requiring standing postures, such as aerobics.

However, if you intend to use your pool for diving purposes, a sports pool may not be the optimal choice. Due to their shallow depth and lack of support features, these kinds of collections can pose risks to divers, who could quickly move toward the base and suffer severe injuries from diving accidents. A traditional deep-end pool offers safer diving conditions; you can install specific diving equipment into it to keep divers safe while diving.

If you plan on installing a pool lift, you must consider how much clear deck space will be needed for safe transfers from a wheelchair or mobility device into its seat on the pool lift. In order for smooth operations of transfer from the wheelchair/mobility device into its seat on the lift seat, there must be an unimpeded path between its location and the edge of the pool, with at least 36 inches of width between these points.

With a sports pool, you can maximize the deck space available to you for lounging and entertaining purposes. Add lounge chairs and tables near the water’s edge for easy relaxation and socialization when not swimming. Furthermore, multi-level pools create zones in your backyard that serve different functions – this feature can be beneficial in yards with slopes or curves where one level may feel too open; multi-levels offer intimate spaces that work more seamlessly into their surrounding environment while still feeling like part of the home.

Great for Entertaining

Sports pools provide an exciting space to bring family and friends together for recreation and relaxation. It features two shallow ends to allow multiple people to play safely at once while offering deeper water for those more comfortable swimming in deeper areas. You may find that a sports pool fits seamlessly with both your lifestyle and home’s needs.

If you’re planning to host pool parties in the future, a sports pool should undoubtedly be considered. With its separate deep-end and shallow-end features, your guests can enjoy drinks and conversation without treading water or being too close to other swimmers. In addition, guests can use both areas as relaxing lounge areas or even take an underwater swim in either.

Sports pools feature firm standing surfaces, which make them perfect for playing volleyball and basketball, lifting weights, aquatic exercises, and stretching out feet on the ground. This makes using their pool for fitness more enjoyable while improving overall health and well-being.

Install a fountain that creates a dancing water show to add extra flare and make your party even more unforgettable for friends and family. Other add-ons may include an aqua pinata, inflatable floats, and pool toys for children. To keep guests cool and hydrated during their stay at your party, stock up on cold beverages such as iced teas and lemonades; serve them in cute glassware or melamine pool mugs.

Planning your outdoor space means taking into account both the location of your pool and its immediate environment when designing it. Make a note of where the sun rises, sets, and shines throughout the day so you can create an area sheltered from direct sunlight when possible – adding shade via pergolas or strategically placed umbrellas can enhance your pool party experience even further!

Perfect for Water Sports

Are Your Kids Imitating Michael Phelps, or Are You an Athlete Looking for an Engaging Way to Exercise? Water sports offer an enjoyable way to stay active and have some fun while working out! However, when considering water sports as an exercise regiment, the pool depth must meet your intended activities and the available space in your backyard; otherwise, a sports pool might be best.

Sports pools feature two shallow ends between 3.5 to 4 feet wide and a deeper middle area of at least 5.5 feet deep, designed to enable people of various heights to easily touch the bottom while standing – ideal if your plan includes water sports like basketball or volleyball.

Swimming pools’ shallow ends offer the ideal spot for relaxing in the water, particularly for adults. Since guests don’t need to crowd into one shallow end at one time, they can spread out and find their piece of space while still talking and holding drinks comfortably.

If you want to enjoy water polo with friends, a sports pool is the ideal place for doing so. This design gives each team equal footing, so there won’t be any straining in the deep end, and it offers firm standing support that makes games much simpler overall.

To maintain the quality of your pool water, it’s essential that you closely monitor its temperature and chemical levels. Testing pH levels regularly is also crucial; conduct chlorine level checks every so often, if necessary, to ensure an ideal water balance. Suppose your pool’s chemical balance doesn’t measure up to what it should. In that case, professional pool services may be a perfect way to help maintain and repair it so it will always function at its optimal performance levels.

Easy to Clean

Sports pools require additional maintenance than residential ones, but this doesn’t need to be laborious. A good pool brush is essential for clearing away dirt and debris that accumulates on walls, floors, and steps of the pool; alternatively, you could use a telescopic pole as both a skimmer and vacuum; daily skimming will prevent too much gunk from building up and making vacuum removal harder.

Proper cleaning products are essential to maintaining a sports pool’s cleanliness. A natural cleaner such as Simple Green is non-toxic and effective against stains and grime if scrubbed using a brush or soft-bristled brush before rinsing off; regular use also can help prevent algae buildup.

Another natural stain-removing product that’s effective and eco-friendly is vinegar. By mixing equal parts white vinegar and water and scrubbing your pool surface with it, mixing equal parts of white vinegar with water can help dissolve calcium deposits on its walls and floor; when combined with salt, it also eliminates rust stains on metal stains.

Making your stain-remover solution at home is easy. Mix baking soda and water to form a paste cleaner that works great on tile and grout surfaces, as well as concrete or stone pool decks. Baking soda may even increase alkalinity levels in your pool water to keep the water clean, clear, and free from harmful bacteria.

If you prefer leaving the heavy lifting to someone else, look for a robotic pool vacuum equipped with an automatic weekly cycle timer and capable of cleaning an entire pool in as little as 1.5 hours. Be sure to read reviews and watch videos about each model when shopping around for one – this way, you can gauge its performance before making your purchase decision.

Make sure your water testing kit can accurately balance your pool chemicals for crystal-clear water and no harmful algae blooms this summer by regularly testing. Reliable equipment will inform you when and how much chemicals should be added; frequent testing will ensure peak conditions all summer.