Aetna Dental Savings Plan Review


Choosing a dental savings plan is a very important decision that should be made carefully. There are a number of things to consider when picking the best one, such as coverage, cost, and reputation. Listed below are a few tips to help you make an informed decision.

Average cost

Whether you need routine preventive care or extensive dental work, an Aetna dental savings plan can help save you hundreds of dollars. This type of insurance is typically offered as a supplement to your company-sponsored health plan. However, in some states, it is available as a standalone policy.

Aetna offers two different types of dental plans. The Core and Preferred plans are more comprehensive and offer higher levels of coverage. The Preferred plan allows you to choose your primary dentist, while the Core plan restricts you to just one dentist. The premiums for each of these plans vary by region.

Aetna also has a prescription drug discount plan. This program will save you up to 60% on generic and brand-name medications. In addition, it will also give you discounts on eyeglasses, vision care, and LASIK surgery.


Getting an Aetna dental savings plan coverage can be a great way to save money on your dental bills. But before you sign up, it’s important to know more about what you’ll get.

Aetna offers several different plans. The Preferred plan, for example, pays for up to $1,250 per person. The Core plan also provides $1,000 in benefits per person. Depending on what plan you choose, your savings can range from 10 to 60 percent.

Aetna’s discount cards can be purchased over the phone or online. They offer discounts on dental services, prescription drugs, and other healthcare products. They’re accepted at more than 58,000 pharmacies.

The company has an extensive network of dentists and other healthcare providers. Its website allows you to find a provider by entering your zip code.


Using an Aetna dental savings plan can save you money on your dental bills. There are many different plans to choose from. Each plan will vary in terms of the amount of discount you receive and which dentists will participate in the program. Some plans also include prescription drug discounts.

Aetna has a huge network of participating dentists. Depending on the type of service you need, you can receive a discount of 15% to 50%. This discount can cover most dental services.

Aetna also offers discounts on prescription drugs, eye exams, and weight loss programs. These discounts can save you up to 60% on generic medications. You can even get discounts on LASIK surgery.

You can compare different plans online. You can also find a provider in your area through the plan’s online search tool.

Customer service

Choosing the right Aetna dental savings plan can save you money. Aetna offers discount plans for both individuals and families. Besides offering discounts on dental services, Aetna also provides prescription drug coverage. You can find out more about Aetna’s dental discount options by contacting a customer service representative.

The Aetna Dental Access network offers discounts at over 226,000* dental practice locations. You can find a dentist near you using Aetna’s online search tool. As you look for a provider, Aetna will show you information such as the dentist’s credentials and whether he or she accepts the Aetna plan.

The Aetna Dental Plus RX plan is a great way to save on generic and brand-name prescription drugs. The plan is accepted at over 68,000 pharmacies nationwide. You can save up to 60% on prescriptions. It also includes discounts on eye exams, vision care, and LASIK surgery.


Whether you are an employer or an individual, Aetna offers several dental insurance options to fit your needs. They are easy to understand and affordable. They are transparent in their pricing and offer online tools to help you find the right doctor and plan.

Aetna has three main coverage plans. They are the Aetna Core plan, the Aetna Preferred PPO plan and the Aetna Dental Indemnity plan. Each plan offers different benefits. The Core plan gives higher coverage for basic dental services, while the Preferred plan provides more extensive coverage for major dental procedures.

Aetna also offers a prescription drug discount plan. This plan is accepted at more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide. It can save you up to 60% on generic medications, as well as eye exams, LASIK surgery, and vision care.

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