Arq Underwear Review


Arq Underwear is made of GOTS-certified organic hemp. Its seamless design means that there are no seams that can dig into your skin. It’s also made in the USA and comes with matching bras. Read on to discover more about Arq’s underwear. Its products are great for postpartum women, with features like a double-layered front for extra support.

Arq Underwear is made from GOTS-certified organic hemp.

Made from organic cotton and GOTS-certified organic hemp, Arq Underwear is an eco-conscious choice that has both environmental and social benefits. Its sustainable production requires minimal water and requires no pesticides or herbicides. It is also produced locally, in California, in small family businesses using sustainable practices. This organic cotton underwear is available in various sizes to fit most men and women.

Hemp is grown organically and uses half the water of conventional cotton. Hemp is also completely biodegradable. GOTS-certified brands follow strict requirements, including using fair labour practices, biodegradable dyes, and testing for residue. GOTS-certified hemp clothing is also produced separately from cotton and conventional fibres to ensure no harmful chemicals remain.

Arq is also committed to a circular approach to fashion. This company designs comfortable and fashionable intimates from GOTS-certified organic and recycled cotton. Its sustainable production practices ensure that artisanal workers are paid well and have safe working conditions. It also provides worldwide shipping in recyclable packaging.

It’s made without seams to dig into your skin.

Arq started making underwear for kids and has since expanded to include adult sizes. They focus on comfort and believe kids should be able to have the same comforts as adults. The brand is made with organic cotton and spandex and comes in various sizes, from XXS to 6X.

Boob underwear is designed for postpartum bellies, featuring a double-layered front panel for extra support. This is especially important for women recovering from C-sections. It’s also made with no seams to dig into your skin.

It’s made in the US

Arq Underwear is a small family-owned company that creates comfortable, ethically-made underwear. Its products are made in the US using GOTS-certified organic cotton. You can choose from various styles, from classic barrettes to high-rise briefs. The company uses natural dyes and employs environmentally-conscious practices to minimize the environmental impact.

Sustainable fashion is a growing trend. More brands are making handbags from mushroom-derived “leather” and making activewear from recycled plastic. However, underwear is often overlooked when it comes to design and sustainability. Luckily, there are many sustainable underwear brands available.

When it comes to making underwear, quality is crucial. Under Armour uses a US-based manufacturer that focuses on quality and sustainability. Its executives visit the factories and farms to ensure the highest-quality product.

It’s made with matching bras.

Arq underwear is a line of warm, cozy underwear with matching bras. It was created by Misa Miyagawa, who studied fashion design at Parsons in New York. She was inspired by organic farming practices and spent time in the Cotswolds. In 2014, she decided to create her line, and her business concept evolved into what is now known as the Botanica Workshop. The company uses reclaimed designer fabrics to create its products.

The brand’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing began with children’s clothing and grew to include adult underwear. Its classic barrettes and high-rise briefs have become staples, and they’re made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. In addition, the company sources its fabrics from factories committed to ethical business practices and guarantees no child labour. In addition to women’s underwear, ARQ also makes underwear for men.

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