Associa Property Management Reviews


Associa property management has received some negative reviews from customers and employees, but these reviews are far from a universal negative. 88% of employee reviews were positive, while 12% were constructive and intended to improve the work culture. Employees generally enjoy working for Associa, and the HR department has received the most positive reviews. This is likely because the leadership at Associa values employee feedback and implements changes that benefit employees.

Associa property management pays its employees $44,979 per year.

Associa property management is a real estate company that pays its employees an average salary of $44,979 per year. This salary is pretty competitive with other real estate companies in the Dallas area and the rest of the nation. High-ranking jobs at Associa include senior systems engineer, controller, and director of managed services. Lower-level positions such as receptionist and irrigation system operator make an average salary of $28,145 per year.

While most employees are members of the Democratic Party, employees at the company’s sister company, The Decathlon, earn an average salary of $38,525. In addition, the company’s CEO, John Carona Sr., donated $40,900 to the Republican Party.

Associa property management is ranked #81 on the Best Real Estate Companies to Work For in America list

If you’re looking for a career in real estate, you’ve come to the right place. SL Green Realty is a great place to work. The company as one of the Best Real Estate Companies to Work For in America by Zippia. It is also a publicly traded company and is part of the S&P 500 index. Among its many services, Associa property management manages approximately 67,858 apartments.

The company is a top choice for those who want a diverse work environment. Employees at Associa earn a median salary of $44,979 per year, which is very competitive for the real estate industry and this location. However, the company is smaller than many of its competitors. It employs about 120 people in Dallas and has an annual revenue of $1.2 billion.

Associa property management has a diversity score of 0%

In a company that prides itself on its high employee satisfaction, Associa has a low diversity score. The company is ranked 42 in the Employee Net Promoter Score, which measures employees’ satisfaction with their jobs. Employees more satisfied with their work are more likely to recommend the company to others.

Associa property management is a for-profit company.

Associa property management is a for-profit company that offers a range of services for homeowner associations. Their services include maintenance, emergency restoration, insurance, and community management. They also offer developer services, serving builders around the world. In addition, the company has many subsidiary companies that serve the needs of HOAs and their communities.

Associa has headquarters on the North Central Expressway. Over the last two decades, it has acquired over 150 companies and currently manages 12,000 communities in the United States and abroad. The company employs over 10,000 people in its branch offices around the world. It controls over $5 billion in purchasing for its communities. Revenues have nearly doubled since 2010, from $400 million to $700 million. Associa plans to grow to a $1 billion business in the next three years.

Associa property management is a small business.

Associa is a property management company that offers community associations, homeowners, and renters services. In addition, they offer insurance, maintenance, and emergency restoration. The company also provides services for developers and builders around the world. John Carona founded Associa in 1979. He has always worked hard to support his family. He started mowing yards when he was younger and eventually went into the apartment business.

Associa is not one of the largest real estate companies in the country, but it is still one of the best. The company is ranked #81 on the list of the Best Real Estate Companies to Work For in America, according to Zippia. These lists are based on proprietary and government data and consider factors such as employee diversity. Associa has about 120 employees and a revenue of $1.2 billion.

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