Benefits of OneHope Loan


ONEHOPE Wines not only produces exquisite wines, but they are also committed to supporting nonprofit organizations and global programming through wine fundraisers that make raising money more accessible than ever for causes you care about.

Finnie Coleman of Albuquerque couldn’t maintain her dog fostering business without financial assistance from One Hope Financial Institute, so on Juneteenth, she attended their One Hope Event to learn about its mission and services.


The cost of onehope loans depends on several factors, including loan type and term. A precomputed loan provides a fixed payment schedule and interest rate, so it’s easier for you to manage finances and budget without being caught off guard when it comes time to pay back your debts. Plus, these types of loans help prevent surprises in terms of repayment plans!

Finnie Coleman wouldn’t be able to keep her pet rescue business operating without One Hope Financial Institution’s loans for people of color; Coleman received one of only two significant loans provided by this new financial services organization that helps Black and Indigenous entrepreneurs finance businesses they cannot otherwise access through traditional banks.

OneHope Ministries has been in operation for just under one year and has already made an enormous difference to the community. They are proud members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and conduct an annual independent audit while receiving donations from individuals, foundations, and churches alike. Their board of directors includes leaders from multiple industries dedicated to carrying out the ministry’s mission according to biblical principles.


Onehope loan’s advantages are many, with onehope loan’s most significant advantage being giving people control of their finances and breaking free of poverty and debt cycles while developing essential financial skills and making more informed decisions as we advance. Furthermore, one hopes loans offer an avenue out from predatory lending, which is especially critical in areas with few state protections available, such as the Mid-South.

HOPE members can quickly and efficiently track their account balances and transaction histories using the HOPE app while also quickly making transfers between accounts and recurring payments. In addition, they can check their EMI amortization table to gain an idea of how much of their EMI goes toward paying down principal and interest each month.

HOPE not only offers loans to its members but also gives them the opportunity to generate income by hosting wine-tasting events for their friends and family – at home or publicly held venues – with training provided and all the tools necessary for successful participation.

Wine-tasting events raise money that is then used to assist those in need, including medical cost coverage, funeral and burial assistance, and essential items assistance – these aids are given regardless of race or religion.

This business model is genuinely exceptional and makes perfect sense: 94% of shoppers prefer shopping at businesses that give back. But to succeed in this endeavor, one must invest both time and resources in themselves to learn sales and marketing skills and develop a business.

Every bottle of ONEHOPE wine is produced to support a particular cause; for instance, Vintner California Chardonnay supports breast cancer research research. Not only is this a fantastic way of giving back, but it tastes delicious, too!

ONEHOPE is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and provides an independent annual audit. Furthermore, they are founding members of both the Alliance for Financial Inclusion and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.


One Hope Financial Institution is an emerging nonbank financial institution dedicated to improving equity within financing systems that disadvantage people of color. Not a traditional bank, One Hope offers loans for small business owners like Finnie Coleman of Albuquerque Pet Care Services, who was among two business owners chosen this summer as beneficiaries for loans from One Hope – they are all greatly thankful. This week saw its launch party celebrating Juneteenth – local officials and community leaders attended as it promoted its services at its Juneteenth event, which Finnie Coleman himself attended! One Hope provided loans this summer totaling $123,333 totaling $123,333 to One Hope’s two business owners this summer, with Coleman receiving One Hope’s assistance. Finnie was grateful for this help. He says his pet care business will survive longer this summer. He is highly thankful for One Hope’s aid.

To qualify for a home loan, your business must already exist and generate sales volume each month. Furthermore, you should possess positive qualities and be coachable.


OneHope Direct Selling Company provides an innovative business model. Their business owners, known as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), work on commission and can earn up to 25% of sales; no inventory or stock is necessary; they host wine tastings, spread the word, and pay an annual storefront link fee. In addition, OneHope CEOs can choose which nonprofits they would like to support as they achieve their own goals while working their businesses.

One Hope’s directors addressed an International District lunch event Monday to unveil their newly established financial institution, One Hope Financial Institute. Ken Carson and cofounders stated systemic racism, as well as limited access to capital, have led many businesses focusing on people of color to struggle financially and close. One Hope hopes that its efforts can provide access to capital that may otherwise not exist for these businesses.

The DSSRC expressed its appreciation for ONEHOPE’s participation in the self-regulatory process and for their reasonable faith efforts to address several of their concerns. Nonetheless, they noted they remained concerned by a second social media post that implied people who lost income during the COVID-19 pandemic could reach “financial freedom” through ONEHOPE’s business opportunity.

OneHope’s mission is to transform the next generation by sharing God’s Word and inspiring transformational change within every heart and mind. In order to accomplish this goal, OneHope invests significant funds into global programs that serve local needs worldwide – everything from feeding hungry children in Indonesian refugee camps, building schools in Indonesian rural villages, supporting AIDS treatment programs in African/Indian villages as well as providing clean water supplies. Furthermore, OneHope provides resources and assistance to churches throughout North America so they may reach out with Hope’s message within their communities.