Best Dermatologists in Chandigarh


Dermatologists are medical professionals with the skill and knowledge to treat skin, hair, or beauty-related problems. They should be an essential part of every healthcare practitioner’s toolbox.

When selecting a dermatologist, there are several things you should consider: credentials, experience, and skill level. These can help you choose the most suitable specialist for your requirements.

Dr. Ashima Goel

Dr. Ashima Goel, one of Chandigarh’s premier dermatologists, is an expert in her field and has helped countless patients find relief from their skin disorders. She customizes each treatment plan based on each patient’s needs and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and practical techniques to achieve successful outcomes.

She offers top-notch dermatological treatments to address conditions such as Acne, Psoriasis, Nail Fungus, Rosacea, Skin Cancer, and Laser Surgery. In addition, she offers various cosmetic procedures like chemical peels and sclerotherapy.

She holds memberships in the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Cosmetology Society of India (CDSI), International Society of Dermatology, and other bodies, providing her patients with knowledge and expertise during each consultation.

She has been practicing dermatology and dermato-surgery for over 16 years, working at Parisa Skin Cosmetic and Laser Centre in Chandigarh. With a passion for skin health, she understands each patient’s objectives, concerns, and skin problems before suggesting the appropriate dermatological treatments, lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, and cosmetic procedures that promote a healthy complexion.

Dr. Naiya Bansal

Are you searching for one of the finest dermatologists in Chandigarh? Look no further than Dr. Naiya Bansal.

She is a board-certified dermatologist with extensive expertise in clinical dermatology and cosmetic and laser procedures. She runs her skin clinic in Chandigarh’s bustling downtown area.

Her clinic is a cutting-edge skin, cosmetology, and laser treatments hub.

Patients throughout the tri-city area and surrounding states come here for medical care.

Her clinic boasts multiple beds, fully equipped intensive care units, and modern operation theatres. Her team of highly-trained doctors and experienced nursing staff guarantee the highest standard of patient care.

Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu

Dr. Sidhu can help you with blemishes, dark spots, or sun spots on your skin with an effective skin whitening treatment. Her process involves applying a blend of ingredients that gives your complexion a fairer tone while preserving its beauty.

She can treat fungal and bacterial infections and remove birthmarks that could impair vision. Furthermore, she offers laser hair removal and non-surgical facelifts for added benefit.

She is one of Chandigarh’s premier dermatologists, specializing in treating psoriasis, acne, and other skin conditions. With more than 15 years of experience treating patients with these issues, Dr. Singh offers a range of treatments to restore your skin to health.

Dr. Vivek Malhotra

Dermatologists specialize in treating skin, hair, and nail diseases. To diagnose accurately, dermatologists often employ microscopes or biopsies to collect samples.

Dr. Vivek Malhotra is one of Chandigarh’s premier dermatologists, having practiced medicine for over 18 years. He has collaborated with numerous prestigious hospitals and clinics.

He specializes in Anti Aging Treatment, Laser Resurfacing, Skin Polishing, Acne/Pimple Treatment, and Scar Treatment. You can check out his profile page for more information about his expertise.

He practices at Beau Visage Skin Clinic in Sector-40, Chandigarh. You can call to book an appointment or go to their website; they accept Medicare and other insurances.


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