Best Property Lawyers in Miami


When purchasing or selling a home, commercial property, or condominium, you need an attorney to protect your interests throughout the transaction.

Miami boasts some of the finest property attorneys in America. These legal professionals possess extensive expertise in all types of real estate transactions and can assist you throughout every step of the process.

Residential Real Estate Lawyers

Miami’s real estate investors and home buyers need legal counsel to understand the local market and explore legal avenues. A Miami residential real estate attorney with expertise will guide you through buying or selling a property, from contract review to closing documents. These attorneys have an intimate knowledge of the region’s housing market.

Miami-Dade County residential real estate attorneys, can assist you with zoning issues, title searches and insurance, foreclosures, and closing documents. Furthermore, they advise obtaining a mortgage loan, negotiating leases, and other legal matters.

Cohen Property Law Group can assist you in securing a permit or notable exception to build on your project. They also offer guidance through the construction process and advise you on compliance issues.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Miami-based property lawyers counsel developers, lenders, and commercial real estate owners. They help their clients secure land for development projects, expedite zoning approvals, create lease agreements or joint venture arrangements, and more.

Top-tier practitioners also educate clients on the advantages of having written contracts, helping to avoid costly miscommunication and disputes. Furthermore, they defend and prosecute real estate litigation, including disputes over purchase/sale agreements, zoning issues, entitlements; construction bidding disputes, and cost overruns.

Property attorneys in Miami can assist clients with zoning regulations and obtaining project permits. Additionally, they offer guidance on compliance issues during construction, such as stormwater management or environmental concerns.

Foreclosure Lawyers

The top foreclosure lawyers in Miami possess the experience and proficiency to handle even the most complex foreclosure cases. Their familiarity with Florida laws allows them to navigate the foreclosure process precisely, saving your home and providing maximum relief for you and your family.

Foreclosure has become an increasingly common occurrence in South Florida for various reasons. Some experts attribute it to lenders recklessly approving loans that borrowers could not afford; others blame borrowers for taking on too much debt and having no assets to cover it.

No matter the reason, homeowners who fall behind on their mortgage payments and receive a notice of default should immediately reach out to an attorney to protect their rights. Neustein Law Group, P.A. understands the banks’ strategies and can work alongside you to fight for your home’s survival.

Real Estate Lawyers in Miami

Property lawyers in Miami can assist you with a range of legal tasks. They specialize in purchasing and selling real estate and other property-related issues like evictions and insurance claims.

They offer advice and guidance in contract law, foreclosures, real estate litigation, and other legal disputes. Legal professionals can assist you in making informed decisions that could save time and money in the long run.

These highly-rated lawyers in Miami offer their services to residential and commercial clients, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the assistance needed. Popular options include Cohen Property Law Group PLLC, Law Mandel, the Law Office of Ray Garcia P.A., and R&S International Law Group LLP.

They specialize in real estate litigation and can assist with eminent domain, condominium conversion, commercial/residential evictions or ejectments, and quiet title actions.


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