Best Sweet Shops in Bakersfield


Bakersfield may not be known for its rock ‘n’ roll scene, but it is undoubtedly a city built on pioneering and opportunity. It has a fascinating history that dates back to Oklahoma’s Dust Bowl Migration that brought settlers to the west coast.

And the town has plenty of delicious sweet shops that will have you returning for more. Check out our list below to discover the best places to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Dewar’s Candy Shop

Dewar’s Candy Shop in downtown Bakersfield is the place to visit for an irresistible treat. This family-owned business has been around for over a century and offers delicious confections.

Taffy Chews are its signature treat, available in peanut butter, peppermint, caramel, and Tiger (Orange) flavors. About the size of Tootsie Rolls, any sweet tooth should not miss these treats!

They offer a selection of homemade ice creams, including floats and sundaes with plenty of toppings.

This place gets bustling and may be hard to get in, but the ice cream is worth it, and the staff is amiable!

The store also offers free delivery through Postmates. Enter your address to see if it’s within their delivery radius and place your order – it’s an ideal way to get your favorite ice cream without needing to leave home!

Dewar’s Ice Cream

Dewar’s Ice Cream is the go-to place for a classic soda fountain experience. They offer an extensive menu of sundaes, shakes, and splits while having plenty of seating room to accommodate large groups.

Visit this family-run business and experience everything for yourself – it’s worth the visit!

Their famous chews are a must-try, but they also offer other sweet treats if you’re not a big fan of chews. Our favorite is the peanut butter and peppermint taffy!

Since 1909, the same family has owned and operated this candy shop. They make their own ice cream and handcrafted candy from scratch.

The ice cream at this shop is excellent and highly flavored, although they tend to get busy, so you may have to wait. They offer plenty of choices at reasonable prices for what quality you get! Plus, their staff is amiable and helpful – you can order online for pick up or delivery if desired!

Didi’s Downtown

Didi’s Downtown is a large establishment situated on downtown’s main street. It offers an enjoyable selection of food-lovers drinks, leaving you eager for more. Although it may be pricey, you won’t be disappointed with your experience here. While here, sample their signature cocktails and wide selection of burgers, calzones, and other delectable food items. Bakersfield is also home to the Bakersfield Museum of Art, boasting an impressive collection of American, Asian, and European art and history that may prove challenging for those with short attention spans. Luckily, it’s within walking distance of many of the city’s attractions and just a short drive from some of the region’s finest hotels. For an extra unique experience, why not combine this culinary delight with a trip to the nearby Tehachapi Mountains or Kern River Parkway?


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