BP PLC ADR Stock Review


BP PLC ADR (BP) is a multinational oil company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the world’s largest companies and is often called an “oil supermajor.” The company produces and markets a wide range of petroleum products, including gasoline and diesel. Its trailing 12-month revenue is around $220.9 billion.

BP’s trailing 12-month revenue is around $220.9 billion.

BP PLC ADR, an integrated oil and gas company, has posted its third-quarter earnings results. Compared to last year’s result, profits surged. This was thanks to an increased oil equivalent price and higher production. Weaker refining margins offset this, but BP still reported its highest yield in eight years. Despite these challenges, BP announced a plan to spend more on the non-oil and gas business, such as renewable energy and hydrogen production.

BP’s net profit in the third quarter soared more than twice as much as it did the year before. The increase was due to an “exceptional” gas marketing result and an increased oil price. As a result, As a result, BP’s gross profit margin peaked at 29.1% in December 2018. The company also reported a total record production of 974K Boep/d in 4Q21, nearly twice as much as in the fourth quarter a year ago.

BP PLC ADR’s EBITDA is $38.1 billion.

BP is a global energy company that provides various products and services, including natural gas, petroleum products, biofuels, synthetic fibers, and chemicals. Its portfolio includes some of Earth’s largest and most advanced upstream, midstream, and downstream projects. As an energy and oil company, BP is well-placed to capitalize on the transition to lower-carbon fuels and technologies.

BP’s portfolio includes a slew of energy-related companies but has several other noteworthy subsidiaries. The company’s renewable energy unit is an excellent example of BP investing in a more sustainable future.

Aside from its oil and gas business, BP is also involved in the solar, hydrogen, and other renewable industries. BP has also repositioned itself as a high-growth energy company by launching a series of significant asset divestment initiatives.

BP PLC ADR’s beta is 0.631

BP PLC ADR is an oil and gas integrated business. It’s got a big foot in the energy business and is a well-rounded company in every sense. Its products and services include petroleum, natural gas, onshore wind power, and biofuels.

The company has 65,900 employees. Some of the company’s marquee achievements include the largest offshore drilling rig in the world, a massive fleet of natural gas-fired steam turbines, and a new offshore production facility. The company is also a leading player in the energy infrastructure space, with an impressive network of pipelines and compressor stations in key markets across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

BP’s stake in Russian energy giant Rosneft is “blood money.”

BP’s stake in Russian energy giant Rosneft is “blood money,” according to a former Ukrainian minister. The company’s decision to exit Russia and write off investments worth more than $24 billion has reduced its stated earnings by nearly two billion dollars a year.

However, the company’s decision has not changed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s stance. He still has not ruled out having to evacuate his country. In addition, he has not ruled out losing the war. But he also hasn’t ruled out being stripped of power.

BP announced in February that it would sell its 19.7% stake in Rosneft. This has been a critical point of contention between the two companies. In addition, the United States and Europe have imposed sanctions on Russian companies for their involvement in the invasion of Ukraine. In turn, these have caused the price of oil and gas to soar globally.

BP’s most recent dividend payout was on 16 December 2022

BP has just announced an interim dividend of US$0.36 per ADS. The dividend is payable on 16 December 2022 to shareholders of ordinary shares. The previous BP plc dividend was US$5.1684p.

BP is currently trading at a premium to the European energy index. The stock has increased by slightly more than 23% this year. However, it is a little over ten percent below its pre-pandemic level.

The BP PLC has a range of business activities, including exploration, production, and supply of crude oil and gas. It also provides related services to wholesale and retail customers. The company’s business is broken up into two main segments, the Upstream and the Downstream.

BP PLC ADR is undervalued or overvalued.

BP PLC ADR is a global oil and gas integrated business offering products and services for energy production and de-carbonization solutions. The company is engaged in the international energy business, with revenues from onshore wind power, gas & low carbon energy, natural gas, biofuels, petroleum, and petroleum-related chemicals. BP PLC ADR has a trailing twelve-month revenue of $220.9 billion. Its EBITDA is $38.1 billion.

The company has an underlying replacement cost profit of $2.8 billion in the second quarter. The underlying replacement cost profit beat the $2.15 billion estimate from analysts.

The company has a forward P/E ratio of 70. The forward P/E ratio suggests that BP’s earnings will increase shortly. However, it also shows that BP’s price/earnings ratio is below the industry average. This indicates that BP’s production sector is undervalued.

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