Careers at International Marketing Group


During this time, the International Marketing Group has been committed to providing financial education and empowering thirty million families by 2030. The company is building a system that will bridge the gap between financial independence and education.

Diversity score

Using a diversity scorecard, HP tracks how its employees, agency, and clients are doing with underrepresented groups worldwide. This initiative aims to help increase the number of women and underrepresented groups in marketing.

Among other things, the diversity scorecard includes a description of the socio-economic status of the company, and the gender, age, race, and sexual orientation of HP employees. These data are based on employees’ self-reported employment histories.

One of the key findings of this research was that companies with more diverse employees performed better in all metrics. It found that, overall, companies with more diversity are change-ready, better at addressing international challenges, and more innovative than their competition. This can be measured by comparing the performance of more diverse companies with those that are less diverse.

Number of employees

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, International Marketing Group, or IMG for short, has a storied history spanning over 36 years. With a total of 79 employees, the company is a family-owned business that offers a range of financial planning and security services. The company also has an impressive list of clients, which includes big names like Boeing, Ford, and IBM. If you are considering a career in the financial world, IMG is the place to start.

For a company of this caliber, the staff is pretty well-rounded. As of May 2016, the company’s headquarters was a buzz with a plethora of employees who are dedicated to helping their clients navigate the financial waters. Fortunately, they also have a robust support system in place. The company offers a field mentoring model that allows employees to leverage the company’s expertise to help their peers succeed.

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