Direct Travel Insurance Reviews


Direct Travel Insurance has a range of domestic policies that cover the majority of travel within Australia. The Domestic Direct plan does not offer any medical coverage or excess coverage for rental cars. However, you do get a free excess amount of $200, which can be a helpful feature if you plan to use your rental car for medical expenses. However, you may want to consider their more comprehensive plans if you plan to travel overseas frequently.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions

Travel Insurance Direct (TDI) covers pre-existing medical conditions. The policy details the specific conditions covered. Coverage for pre-existing conditions is not automatic, so customers should check the PDS carefully. In addition, some conditions are not automatically covered, and customers should choose a plan that waives the exclusion.

A pre-existing medical condition is an illness, injury, or medical concern that a person has had within the last sixty to eighty days before the effective date of the travel insurance policy. It does not have to have been diagnosed formally and maybe a mild case of high blood pressure or a heart attack.

Pre-existing medical conditions affect the heart, brain, circulatory system, or lungs. They can have been present for many years or only recently discovered. Pre-existing conditions can also affect an individual’s life expectancy. The policy will not cover a pre-existing condition that has caused the person to become pregnant.

Excess of $200

An excess of $200 is a fixed amount you must pay when claiming your direct travel insurance policy. The excess applies to each person and insured event. For example, budget Direct pays up to $7,500 minus the excess of $200 for each claim. However, certain types of claims don’t have an excess.

Trip limit of 42 days

Direct Travel Insurance has a trip limit of 42 days. It does not have an age limit, but there is one caveat: if you are over sixty years of age, you can only take a single trip of up to 42 days. Also, there is no cover for winter sports if you are over seventy-five.

The trip limit is determined by the cover level you choose. Sometimes, it can be extended to 45 or 60 days for an extra premium. You can also add children under the age of 18 without extra costs.

Customer service

If you’re looking for direct travel insurance reviews, you’ve come to the right place. The Travel Guard Insurance company offers some of the best travel insurance coverage around. In addition, its customer service is excellent. The Travel Guard insurance reviews are so good that they are recommended to anyone planning a trip.

Direct Travel Insurance offers three types of policies: single-trip, annual multi-trip, and backpacker. They also have four levels of cover: winter sports, cruise, and natural disasters. Some policies cover only specific events or areas, but others are flexible enough to fit your specific needs.

Claims process

The claims process for Direct Travel Insurance Reviews can vary. Depending on the circumstances, the process could be as fast as a few minutes or take as long as an hour. The company will require full answers to questions and documents to complete a claim. Claims guidelines are provided as a guide and may change. Please check with your insurer before filing a claim.

Direct Travel Insurance has a long history of providing travel insurance to travelers. Chaucer Syndicates Limited underwrites the company’s travel insurance policies. The company offers many travel insurance plans at competitive prices. The different types of policies are based on the purpose of the trip, the destination, the activities, and the duration.

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