Friday the 13th Game


Although Friday the 13th may appear simplistic at first glance, with its Purple Jason and various zombies, an excellent survival horror game within its pages deserves your consideration.

Gun Media and IllFonic collaborated on an asymmetrical multiplayer game set at Camp Crystal Lake where players assume roles of counselors or Jason Voorhees. Each spawn has a different map and collection of items, ensuring each game remains fresh.

Camp Crystal Lake

As Halloween nears, horror fans are feeling an increased craving for some thrilling slasher action. There are numerous modern picks to satisfy that itch, such as Fear Street: 1978 with Sadie Sink leading and Peacock’s queer classic They/Them as two options; none can match Friday the 13th’s timeless appeal as one of cinema’s iconic serial killers: Jason Voorhees stalks camp counselors through Jason Voorhees-led attacks; however thanks to Crystal Lake Tours fans can now visit the real-life campground where its production took place!

Crystal Lake Tours operates tours of Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, the Boy Scout camp used to film this classic flick in Warren County, New Jersey. While normally closed to visitors, Crystal Lake Tours allows fans to visit and stay overnight at its cabins and take photos at key filming locations, including where an iconic scene from the film takes place – particularly the iconic generator shed pictured above! Plus, tour guides go the extra mile in re-creating scenes such as diner scenes to give visitors an authentic experience when touring this camp!

Although tours may not be cheap, they’re well worth it for any franchise fan. Expect to spend around $100 for their experience; add-on activities include 810 photo prints and access to the generator shed. Incorporating props from films – such as snakes and arrows from Snakes and Arrows – and maybe even meeting some stars like Officer Dorf is part of what awaits guests during their experience!

As well as its filming location, other locations in the area have also been used in the game – Packanack Lodge ruins, Higgins Haven, and Jarvis House are all open for exploration as part of your journey, along with Crystal Lake itself.

Whoever wishes to watch the film can find tickets through Vivid Seats, an online ticket marketplace. Vivid Seats lists ticket availability for Return To Camp Crystal Lake Other Concerts events.


At its core, this asymmetrical multiplayer game features one player controlling Jason Voorhees as he seeks revenge against camp counselors who managed to survive his massacre in the 1980s. Up to eight players may participate in each session. Other players control counselors who attempt to escape or kill Jason using various melee and projectile weapons such as firecrackers, bear traps, and axes; female characters may distract Jason by donning his sweater and pretending they are Pamela Voorhees for an “epic win condition” that requires teamwork from both teams of players.

Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees is the signature villain of Friday the 13th, known for being a deformed and murderous serial killer who wears his trademark hockey mask. Often using a machete as his weapon of choice, Jason Voorhees has gained notoriety for being brutal and near indestructible – often known as “The Boogeyman of Summer,” most camping trips involve looking out for him! Few go camping without taking precautionary steps against this relentless maniac in a mask!

In the film series, Jason is primarily an inanimate character; his only spoken lines come through flashback scenes or when his spirit inhabits others. He is an intense predator with little regard for animals or children and an obsession for bloodshed, seemingly driven solely by a desire for revenge and bloodlust. Additionally, Jason possesses excellent stealth skills, often sneaking up on victims quickly with deadly precision.

Like other horror movie villains, Jason is virtually impossible to kill. Even after being drowned, crushed with a vehicle, stabbed in the heart, electrocuted, shot point blank at point blank range with high caliber firearms, burned or incinerated, and even exploded, he can often reanimate himself through demonic possession, reanimating his body over and over to exact his vicious revenge on those around him.

Players take on the roles of Camp Crystal Lake counselors or Jason himself and must find ways to escape or eliminate other players in order to win the game, which was released for PC, PS4 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2017 and is considered an increasingly popular multiplayer survival horror title.

Jason Voorhees, the main antagonist in Friday the 13th series, is an immortal psychopath with supernatural regenerative abilities capable of regrowing his severed torso after being shot and recovering consciousness after death. A frightening figure, Jason shows no compassion towards his victims and can often be found stalking at night wearing an elegant black raincoat while waiting to strike terror into their hearts with deadly intent. Alternatively, he may possess other people and use them as tools for carrying out his dark desires.


Players in Friday the 13th: The Game is immersed in Camp Crystal Lake, where Jason Voorhees prowls. This asymmetrical horror game developed by IllFonic and published by Gun Media is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and features blood splatters unsuitable for children; fully completing 100% can take up to 245 Hours!

Developer of Friday the 13th: The Game has released a pre-alpha video showcasing Camp Crystal Lake. From foreboding log cabins to campground trails and even providing a playground for specific hockey mask-wearing killers – Gun Media’s Summer Camp Kickstarter project has almost reached its $700,000 goal with nine days left! This new video serves as proof-of-concept that shows what can be expected when visiting Crystal Lake.

Though Crystal Lake does not exist, its fictional killer remains in horror movie fans’ nightmares and memories. No matter how hard filmmakers may try to ground him in reality, he remains fictional despite their best efforts at dodging fact. However, Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) may bring Crystal Lake onto television as part of an all-new Peacock series called Crystal Lake that will focus on events from both of the first two movies in this franchise.

Friday the 13th: The Game has just received an update with several features designed to aid players in surviving and escaping. Aside from level boosters and access to all challenge skulls, this patch also adds outfits and weapons specifically tailored towards counselors as well as an incentive for early ending of nights early if possible. Publisher Gun Media holds its license until December 31, 2023, when this game will cease operations.