Fun Math Games For Kids


Having fun while learning about numbers is a great way to keep children interested in the subject. There are several fun math games for kids that you can play together with your kids. Skip counting is a great way to help kids understand patterns in numbers. Skip counting worksheets can also be made into games, including those that use chalk or other materials. Mazes are another fun way to help kids learn about math while keeping them focused. They also teach kids about size, geometry, and speed.

Multiplication dice game

A multiplication dice game is a great way to practice multiplication facts. Students can roll the dice and fill in the matching multiplications on the activity sheet. They can compete to see who can complete the task in the shortest amount of time. This resource includes differentiated activity sheets for different groups of students.

To play the Multiplication Dice Game, players roll a die for each problem. The goal is to multiply each number by two and add them up. The person who calculates the answer in the fastest time wins. This game also includes a stopwatch so that players can track their time. The goal is to make a thousand in 10 rounds.

This multiplication dice game is played with colored dice. Each player rolls one die and then must multiply the number with the other two dice to make a number of any length. The player who gets the highest number wins the round and wins the game. If only one die is rolled, the player will have to start over with a zero.

Match the Dots

When you play Match the Dots fun math games, your goal is to connect the dots so they make a line. There are several ways to make this game easier or more challenging. You can use fractions or decimals to make the puzzle more challenging. You will take turns connecting the dots. The player who finishes the square first will win points.

The number of lines each dot has can vary from two to five. When a dot has five lines, the game is over. If it has more than five lines, it is a winning combination. Otherwise, it can be a loser.

Exponent battle

Exponent battle is a fun math game that can be played by two players. It helps children practice their addition and subtraction skills. Each player gets a deck of playing cards. The top card is dealt to each player and represents the base number. Face cards are ones, jacks, and queens representing the number 11. The next card represents the exponent of the player’s base number.

This math game teaches students about the properties of operations, the distributive property of expressions, and like terms. It also helps students learn about inverse operations and rational numbers. This game is simple and requires very few resources.

Alien Addition

This fun math game has a simple objective: to equalize the alien ships. Each problem has a number, and the student must find the alien ship that has the same number as the number on the bottom. Once they have the correct answer, the student must move the shooter to shoot the alien ships. The game will tell the student their score at the end of each round, and it will give them feedback if they make any mistakes. It also has a variety of different levels, ranging from beginners to advanced players.

Students can play the free version of Alien Addition to practice addition skills. The alien ships move toward the laser cannon at the bottom. As they move along, the aliens move faster, making the game more challenging. The game can be played with a group or individually.

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