Gentle Giants Cat Food Review


Gentle Giants was founded by Burt Ward, who established one of the world’s most extensive giant breed dog rescue programs more than 21 years ago. All their food is produced locally in Sioux City using all-natural ingredients.

Their recipes contain meager proportions of fat, which they claim can extend a dog’s lifespan. We will examine each ingredient that makes up their food to see what we can learn.


This food features a protein-rich formula to support bone development in large breeds, muscle growth, and healthy skin and coat. Furthermore, this food is gluten- and corn-free and low in sodium levels; moreover, it provides natural omega-3 and six fatty acids for cardiovascular support.

This dog food begins with a chicken meal, an excellent source of protein. Additionally, this food boasts high levels of dietary fiber and antioxidants to support overall health, low-fat content, and contains glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint wellbeing.

This food is a grain-free, low-sodium dog food manufactured in the U.S. It meets all AAFCO’s nutrition standards for all life stages and contains premium protein sources and chelated minerals and vitamins to support bone and joint health.


Burt Ward established Gentle Giants to ensure the giant breed dogs he rescued lived longer. On average, Great Danes live 7 to 9 years with proper food and care; however, this lifespan may extend even further.

Gentle Giants offers dry and canned dog food products that meet all life stages. Their recipes feature named meat meals with moderate levels of animal fat content. In addition, Gentle Giants products boast above-average complex carb levels and other beneficial vitamins.

The products made by this U.S.-based company use high-quality ingredients and do not include any controversial ones; you can be confident their food is safe to feed to your pet, including puppies. They feature chelated minerals and prebiotics for improved digestion and absorption of essential nutrients.


Gentle Giants canned recipes offer more straightforward ingredients. This one includes beef as the primary protein source and fat. Sweet potatoes and chickpeas provide additional carbohydrates and some dietary fiber as other benefits.

The remaining ingredients include an array of nutritious, natural foods. These include the liver as an excellent source of protein and Vitamin A and glycine for supporting muscles, skin, and hair health. In addition, this recipe contains chelated minerals for enhanced absorption and prebiotics/probiotics to support digestive well-being.

Gentle Giants cat foods generally feature above-average protein levels, yet some recipes contain high amounts of carbs and fillers such as meals or grains – not the ideal choice for cats with sensitive stomachs, but could potentially aid weight management while simultaneously strengthening immune systems.


This dry food for dogs contains chicken along with 12 whole fruits and vegetables to provide essential nutrition to support his well-being and longevity. Furthermore, no grains, fillers, or byproducts are added – making it perfect for sensitive stomachs!

This food features chelated minerals chemically bound to proteins to make them easier for your pup to absorb. In addition, this formula also includes glucosamine and chondroitin that help support joint health in large breeds and have low phosphorus levels to avoid osteoarthritis.

This food is a grain-free, high-protein food explicitly designed to meet the needs of giant breeds. It includes premium ingredients like deboned chicken, menhaden fish meal, and chelated minerals and is designed to support healthy skin and coat while maintaining muscle growth.

This food is proudly manufactured in the US and has never been recalled, making it available at Target stores nationwide and other major retailers. Perfect for large breed dogs like Great Danes, puppies, and young adults.


Gentle Giants Pet Foods, LLC specializes in producing food specifically formulated for large-breed dogs and cats. With an innovative approach to design, their visual-driven branding effectively conveys their brand story and product benefits.

This company utilizes human-grade ingredients and doesn’t add any artificial colors or preservatives, with their best-selling formulas made with hormone- and antibiotic-free free-range chicken and beef and grain-free options available to dogs with sensitivities.

This food provides near-average protein, below-average fat, and above-average carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. Furthermore, it features low phosphorous levels and joint health-promoting ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin to promote collective well-being.

Gentle Giants Quality of Life Feast Dog Food is formulated specifically to meet the nutrient requirements for large breed dogs over 100 pounds, meeting AAFCO requirements for all life stages. It features moderate amounts of named meat meals such as chicken and menhaden fish meals as well as high levels of chelated minerals that aid absorption by the body.