Glassons Jeans Review


Our Glassons Jeans Review finds that this fast fashion company doesn’t do enough to promote animal welfare and worker empowerment initiatives. This article also discusses the company’s ethical manufacturing policies. We recommend staying away from this brand if you care about animal welfare. The following are our findings on this controversial brand:

It is a fast fashion brand

Although Glassons claims to use certified fabrics, the company sources the majority of its clothing from factories in China and India. It also sources some fabrics from New Zealand and Australia. The company has come under fire for its use of cheap, low-quality materials and for greenwashing. Many consumers have also been dissatisfied with the quality of their purchases.

The company claims to use environmentally-friendly materials for some of its collections, and it recycles some of its offcuts. However, it is not clear whether the company has taken steps to reduce its water usage, and it continues to produce countless garments at low prices – a practice that perpetuates overconsumption.

The company also aims to provide affordable fashion for women that meets the standards of sustainability and ethical practices. Its main price point is $40, which makes it a perfect choice for a budget-conscious consumer. The brand offers a large range of tops, bottoms, swimwear, and other fashion items at low prices.

It does not have worker empowerment initiatives

As a company with high standards, Glassons prides itself on ethical manufacturing practices, partnering with factories that adhere to strict standards and disclosing policies to protect suppliers and workers. However, Glassons does not appear to be a leader in worker empowerment initiatives. This may be because the company sources its final production process in countries where there is a high risk of labor abuse.

It is available in black and blue

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