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Christmas is fast approaching, and many are searching for creative ways to celebrate in style. One way is through advent calendar games, which can be enjoyed digitally and physically and may even offer promo codes!

These campaigns allow companies to communicate company values to customers and clients, from fundraising initiatives and humanitarian causes to photos of team-building activities.


Gamification offers many advantages to any business, including increased sales, customer engagement, and employee satisfaction. Furthermore, it helps learners retain information and improve performance, sharing company values with the customer, making learning enjoyable and motivating, which is integral for a thriving corporate culture, and increasing motivation through friendly competition with immediate rewards for completion. It can even boost sales!

Companies can leverage gamification in their marketing campaigns to promote products and draw footfall into physical stores. Sephora uses a gamified quiz to assist customers in finding their ideal makeup products; the examination results serve as trust markers that open them up more to suggestions and purchases. Gamification can also strengthen loyalty programs with punchcards that reward repeat visits and purchases.

Retailers face one of their main challenges in increasing customer footfall and basket size: offering diverse products and experiences. Gamification can help retailers create interactive marketing campaigns such as Spin the Wheel games with discounts for in-store purchases or product prizes. QR codes can link online and offline marketing, enabling customers to scan the code with their smartphone to participate in a gamified experience in physical stores.

Advent calendars

Advent calendars have long been associated with Christmas. Still, they can be used for counting down to any event – from product launches to team trips – by engaging and exhilarating audiences alike. Use it effectively to showcase your brand’s values and culture!

Make your advent calendar stand out by turning it into a game! Using a fully responsive app, you can design an engaging advent calendar that appeals to children and adults. An advent calendar provides a fun and creative way to reach your target audience and drive sales or brand recognition.

If you want to give your followers a taste of your products, try an advent calendar filled with prizes – some sweet, such as chocolate or small toys, while others provide something new daily. Some calendars even include brain teasers or challenges – photo contests even!

Promoting codes on each day’s window of an advent calendar can also help build customer loyalty while building customer relations. This method of promotion will be particularly successful at creating lasting customer relationships.

Advent calendars can also raise money for charitable activities and fundraising campaigns, encouraging followers to donate gifts for needy families or children in your community. There are various online catalogs, such as World Vision, Compassion, and Feed the Children, that you can order from.

Promo codes

Go! Calendars Games & Toys is one of the largest operators of seasonal mall-based pop-up stores. Their primary products include calendars, gifts, games, and puzzles, which appeal to various customer demographics, such as families, young adults, and collectors. Their products can be found in over 3,000 malls and shopping centers worldwide.

The company also offers promotional codes for select cosmetic items that can be redeemed once per account during a specified timeframe and can be found on its website. These promotional codes can be redeemed once every time one visits.

Fair Oaks Mall’s Fair Oaks Mall location is open every day, Monday-Sunday, between European Wax Center and LensCrafters on Pace 102 near Auntie Anne’s.

Stacking towers

Stacking towers helps children develop depth perception and the ability to understand where objects exist in space (such as underneath or on), allowing for balanced development and spatial relationships – showing them how things relate spatially.

This wooden toy Stacking Tower is constructed from high-grade European-certified wood and finished with non-toxic paints and plant pigments that are non-toxic and safe for children of all ages to use. Specifically designed to improve coordination, motor skills, concentration, and ease of clean-up, this toy is dishwasher-safe and suitable for play-at-home playtime!

The stacking tower can serve many functions, from crowning a lavish palace to making birthday cakes. Additionally, it helps develop creative thinking and flexibility of mind and efficiently promotes company logos or messages. Perfectly portable, brandable stacking towers offer an effective way to draw in customers and increase sales.

Sharing company values

Go calendars, games, and toys are an excellent way to convey company values to employees. From kickoff events and sales training programs to new hire training programs and corporate meetings – The Go Game makes an impressionful statement of company values! Whether launching new products or hosting annual holiday parties – The Go Game keeps guests engaged!

Located at Fair Oaks Mall on pace 102 between European Wax Center & LensCrafters across from Auntie Anne’s. Open Monday-Sunday; credit cards accepted.