God of War Ragnarok Gets a New Game Plus Update


Sony Santa Monica is offering players who completed last year’s God of War Ragnarok and want a fresh start an extensive New Game Plus update featuring new weapons, armor, enchantments, and an expanded Niflheim arena featuring enemies, companions, and black and white render mode.

Level cap

God of War Ragnarok will soon receive a New Game Plus update to help players extend their playthrough. Grace Orlady, Santa Monica Studio’s lead community manager, confirmed this via a blog post on PlayStation’s website today. This means players can expect an increased level cap, new equipment, enchantments, and adjustments to some of the game’s most challenging enemies.

God of War Ragnarok’s 4.00 update allows players to initiate a New Game+ run by selecting it from the main menu once they complete a story mission. This mode uses your previous save file and features similar gameplay with additional rewards such as armor sets, weapons, and skills – not forgetting challenges such as collecting all Atreus’ arrows!

At the outset of their New Game+ run, players must select a manually input New Game Data slot to set their difficulty level for that run. It uses the same difficulty settings as its predecessor – this allows those wishing to keep their progress without fearing loss of hard-won achievements!

This new mode will feature a higher level cap for Kratos and his gear; players in NG+ can convert any level 9 armor, weapon, or attachment into “Plus” versions that offer an additional layer of progression. Furthermore, players will find new Berserker Souls containing powerful stat-boosting enchantments and Burdens that can be added onto Spartan Armor for even further customizing options.

NG+ features new equipment and revamped versions of 13 of the game’s existing armor sets that can be dyed in various colors. Furthermore, Nornir Chests and Dwarven Shop will now contain additional resources such as Skap Slag (armor), Primal Flames (weapons), and Celestial Fossils (weapon accessories), along with Mountain Roots shields to upgrade Atreus’ Forsaken Breath.

This update brings new enemy variants for the Niflheim arena, and some of the most challenging end-game bosses have been updated with more difficult move sets to increase difficulty. Furthermore, players can change to black-and-white mode if that suits them better.

New armor

God of War Ragnarok’s latest update brings several new armor sets, such as the much-requested black bear cloak from the introduction, as well as Zeus Armor, Spartan Armor, and Ares Armor sets that each offer different bonuses to players and can be obtained in different ways. Players can use these armor sets to customize Kratos’ appearance, with numerous color variants available.

New Game Plus provides players with more armor and weapons, an increased level cap, and new enchantments, and can be started right after finishing the main storyline. In this mode, all equipment and weapons (except Draupnir Spear ) carried over from previous playthroughs are accessible without going through cinematics; instead, they use Yggdrasil Dew from Nornir Chests to upgrade armor and weapons directly.

One of the significant changes is the inclusion of Armor of the Black Bear, an adorable fur cloak automatically equipped by Kratos at the start of New Game Plus. It provides Kratos with a significant defensive boost and extends immunity during evading; rewarding close evades with Bifrost Shards as rewards – adding even more character and visual interest! It makes an excellent addition to his existing armor set and looks incredible.

Other new armor options in New Game Plus include the Spartan Armor, which grants health and shield stat increases to characters, and the Ares Armor, which increases melee damage and resistances. These pieces of gear may take more effort to obtain than others; nonetheless, they’re worth trying if you have ten levels to spare!

Players now have access to an innovative new axe called the Blade of Osiris that provides powerful, unique combat ability and can be used in multiple combos against bosses or enemies alike. Plus, its impressive critical hit rate against bosses makes this an excellent weapon to level up quickly due to its short cooldown timer – ideal for leveling up those looking for quick progression with their axe skills!

New enchantments

God of War Ragnarok recently received a significant update with new armor, weapons, and enchantments. First seen in its opening scene, the Black Bear Cloak now provides strength and defense stats and rewards last-second evades with Bifrost Shards. Furthermore, Spartan Armor can increase melee and runic damage, while NG+ mode allows players to skip cinematics, and Nornir Chests now offer Yggdrasil Dew upgrades for stat upgrades.

Santa Monica Studio recently unveiled a God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus Update that adds additional equipment, a higher level cap, and new enchantments to all players who have completed the main storyline. Players with Kratos’ Draupnir Spear equipped will carry over into this new game; however, hex and sonic arrows won’t become available until unlocked later on in the storyline.

The level cap will be raised to 62, allowing players to convert all Level 9 equipment to “Plus” versions for extra progression. In the Brothers’ shop, there will also be an available Spartan Aspis shield, and 13 existing armor sets will gain new color combinations that can be mixed and matched freely. Enchantments have also been introduced and can be bought with Gilded Coins earned from converting equipment.

God of War Ragnarok New Game+ features new enchantments with unique effects to enhance player experiences. These include health stones on hits, increased Runic and melee damage, and an Aegis that reduces damage taken – and an Aegis that decreases overall damage. Furthermore, players will have the power to customize their characters’ combat abilities for enhanced strength in battle.

New bosses

Santa Monica Studio’s 2018 reboot of God of War earned widespread critical acclaim, offering players plenty to do during its main story arc. But once Kratos had reunited with his son Atreus and the credits had rolled, there wasn’t much left for fans to do once the credits rolled, and Kratos reunited with Atreus – until today with New Game Plus. This optional free update offers players new equipment and enemies to challenge during another run-through of Norse adventure!

To unlock New Game Plus, players must have completed God of War Ragnarok once with the Realms at War quest completed in their journal. Once done, an option will appear on the main menu, and they can start another playthrough using all existing equipment and skills (but some, such as Sonic/Hex Arrows, will only become unlocked upon completing the main story once more).

NG+ DLC will also feature new armor sets, an increased level cap for Kratos and his enemies, and various enchantments that can be added to gear and weapons to strengthen or defend them more efficiently. This DLC includes a Niflheim sparring arena with different combat scenarios, enemies, and new perks to make fights harder and skip cutscenes more easily!

As an added perk, players who access New Game Plus mode will have access to special “Plus” versions of Level 9 equipment that offer more progression and allow them to reach higher levels faster. They will also have access to purchasing enhancements designed to add even greater customization options by providing positive and negative stat-boosting perks for customization purposes.

Though adding New Game Plus mode may only seem minor, it will give players a reason to explore Norse mythology again. This will especially appeal to fans who found the original game too easy or repetitive, with this DLC offering more challenging experiences that require them to think strategically when approaching each level.