How to Decorate an Elegant Flower Cake


Cake is a confection crafted of flour that can be filled, iced, and decorated. This treat shares features with other desserts, such as pastries and custards.

Many cakes feature flowers as decorations, with most people covering their stems to prevent fluids from seeping through to the frosting or cake layers. But bubble tea straws provide an effective solution for adding flowers without worrying about their branches.

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An elegant birthday celebration cake requires only flowers that can be eaten: edible blooms such as pansies (with delicate petals that candy beautifully and an irresistibly sweet floral flavor), roses (which have sturdy petals that hold up well), dahlias (with classic flower shapes and colors), tulips (also called buttercups), bachelor buttons (“mini pom poms” with subtle blooms and tart berry flavors), or hibiscus are the best choices here.

Add flair and originality to your frosting flowers by including sparkling sugar sprinkles like nonpareils when creating them. They’ll stick securely once the buttercream begins to harden, so add these gems before piping your flowers, then gently press each petal onto the frosting for best results.

This beautiful floral cake is perfect for spring birthdays or any celebration requiring pastel-hued decor. Featuring various types of flowers, such as tulips, peonies, and hydrangeas, piped onto it with multiple tip sizes, – this masterpiece truly stands out!

To make this design, bake and frost a simple three-layer, one-tier 8″ round cake with three superficial layers and no crumb coat. Use leftover frosting in 3-4 bowls tinted in different colors before applying swirls, roses, and hydrangea-like flowers over its surface – leaving an unadorned section for serving purposes at the top.

Make the cake your own by piping flowers on its surface or around its center instead of adding them in the middle, or mix and match both styles of decoration. Just ensure your flowers are at their peak condition if piping them on top, and be ready for last-minute substitutions should they become unavailable.

As soon as your cake is ready to serve, finish by decorating it as desired – maybe some additional buttercream flowers along the bottom edge or perhaps adding any particular messages or ribbons like Happy Birthday messages or brightly-colored ribbons would add the final touches!


Floral decorations add an elegant, refined look to your cake. Piped-on or added as a topper, floral decorations elevate its star confection while matching your celebration’s style – whether wedding or otherwise. Fresh flowers, silk blossoms, or fondant designs create the ideal accents to complete its design if making it for a wedding; for an effortless, timeless design, choose white roses, as they always match any season or theme!

Flower-covered cakes make an eye-catching display for spring birthdays, Mother’s Day celebrations or holidays. Choose between natural color palettes such as this Pretty Poppy Cake featuring soft pink poppy blooms and peach roses, or opt for more vibrant arrangements like this Whimsical Oblong Floral Cake, which features red and pink sugar flowers in an oval shape topped off with happy birthday messages or floral crowns for maximum impact!

This tulip-inspired cake is easy and fun to create, adding elegance and romance to any birthday party celebration. Follow this tutorial for instructions on piping buttercream tulips onto your cake. Alternatively, opt for other colors of tulips, like blue or green, for an updated or versatile aesthetic.

Add an elegant touch to your flower cake by dusting some edible gold dust around the edge of each flower or on the bottom tier of the cake. This will highlight each bloom and give them a metallic shine; all it requires is a small amount of dust powder mixed with water for this process.

If you’re decorating your wedding cake, why not use flowers and fresh fruit together to add color and a natural vibe? For example, this Floral and Fresh Fruit Cake features stunning peach-pink flowers with vibrant berries to evoke an idyllic garden.

If you prefer more minimalist approaches to celebrations, the Elegant Rose Cake features a chic style that is sure to please. Perfect for autumn weddings or birthday parties with romantic themes. With eucalyptus leaves and ivy vines surrounding its roses for a sophisticated aesthetic and style!