How to Fix a Broken Window


There are a few different ways to fix a broken window. You can try to use nail polish or glue to fill the crack. Another option is to use Epoxy or cyanoacrylate adhesives. You can also use a wood sealer. If careful, you can apply a few pieces of tape on both sides of the cracked glass.

Filling a crack with nail polish or glue

You can try a few different methods to fix a window’s crack. Nail polish is a cheap solution for small cracks; you can use a few coats to cover the crack. It will also prevent water from getting in through the crack, which is essential to prevent it from spreading. However, you should be careful when using nail polish, as you do not want to push it into the crack and cause it to expand. If you can’t get clear nail polish or glue, another option is epoxy, a thermosetting polymer. It will also provide the most robust seal and a clean look.

You can try applying clear nail polish to the cracked area if you are trying to fix a small crack. This solution is effective if the crack is only a few millimeters long, but it won’t work for larger cracks or significant damage.


If your window is broken, you can quickly fix it with epoxy glue. Simply take a putty knife and apply a small amount of the resin on the broken area. Then, wait for the epoxy to dry completely. The time it takes to dry depends on the type of epoxy you use. Once it has cured, you can cut away any excess with a razor blade.

There are many brands of epoxy on the market. You can get them online or from most home improvement stores. Epoxy comes in two parts: a hardener and a resin. First, mix the epoxy with a wooden stick and then apply it to the broken glass.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives

Cyanoacrylate adhesives, also known as superglue, are a good choice for minor window repairs. They can stick just about anything and even fix gaps water can’t get into. The downside of using these adhesives is the high cost of replacing a window, so you may want to fix one window at a time rather than having to deal with the hassle of replacing the entire window.

The problem with cyanoacrylate adhesives is that they’re not strong enough to bond to smooth surfaces. They also give way to friction.

Wood sealer

Before applying wood sealer to fix a broken window, you should measure the size of the frame. Measure the width and length of the window frame and allow a little extra space around it. This space will prevent the window frame from cracking during the winter months. Then, apply the wood sealer using a painter’s brush. Once the sealant is dry, apply the glazing compound to the window frame opening.

If the window is in good condition, you may consider IGU replacement. Otherwise, it may be necessary to replace the entire window. Replacement windows can cost anywhere from $175 to $650, including labor. However, if you have basic carpentry skills, you can often do it yourself for less than $500.

Nail polish

If you have a small crack in your window, nail polish is an easy way to fix it temporarily. You can dip a small brush into clear nail polish and paint the crack. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to dry. Repeat the process as needed. Use thin layers. Do not over-apply, or you may create a bigger problem.

However, in San Diego, nail polish isn’t a permanent solution for cracked auto glass. While nail polish will cover small holes, it won’t help much with more significant cracks. Use a clear nail polish that won’t show if you’re doing the repair, and let it dry before applying another layer.

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