How to Make Pitta Bread


Often referred to as Arabic bread, pita bread is a flat, yeast-leavened round flatbread commonly found in the Middle East, Mediterranean, and neighboring countries. It can be made in various ways, including a version with an interior pocket.

Making the dough

Yeast is the key to making the dough for Pitta Bread. The yeast helps to create a pocket in the bread for a soft, chewy bite. It also helps the bread to rise.

To make the dough for Pitta Bread, you will need flour, salt, water, and yeast. The recipe also includes olive oil for flavor. You can use whole wheat flour for a heartier texture, depending on your tastes.

First, mix the water, yeast, and sugar in a bowl. Let the yeast sit for 5 minutes. Then, add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl and mix with a wooden spoon.

Once you have mixed all the ingredients, you will need to shape the dough into balls. This can be done by hand or with a bread machine.


Whether you’re planning to bake a traditional Greek pitta or want to try your hand at flatbread, you need to follow a few basic steps to get the best results. The most crucial step is ensuring the pan is warm enough to bake a good pitta. The heat from the top of the pan will help set the dough and provide the initial lift.

The best pitta bread is made with a wholemeal flour blend, preferably with a high percentage of whole wheat. A touch of white flour is also helpful for a more uniform final product. Wholemeal flour doesn’t produce as much gluten as white flour, but it does add a slightly nubbly texture that is perfect for the pitta.


Getting the best charring of pita bread requires a few steps. The process can be done in various ways, from a cast iron skillet to the oven.

The charring of pita bread is a great way to serve fresh vegetables, chicken, or falafel balls. However, it’s essential to be careful, as pita can defrost and dry out quickly.

The best way to char the pitta is to heat it in the oven. A hot stone or baking tray will give the pitta a great start.

Another method of getting a good char is putting it on an open flame. This will take a little longer but will be much more flavorful.


Getting your hands on grilled pita bread can be a real treat. It’s a Middle Eastern delicacy that dates back millennia. Grilled flatbreads are perfect for sandwiches or served with grilled meats and hummus. The best part is you can make them ahead of time.

First, preheat your grill to medium-high. If you’re using a charcoal grill, prepare a hot zone. You’ll need a heavy-duty aluminum foil to place on the side, not directly on the flame.

Once your grill is preheated, add some olive oil and garlic to your skillet. Grill until the garlic is soft and pale golden.


Traditionally, pitta bread is made from flour and yeast. It has been around for thousands of years in the Middle East. This bread is often served with different fillings, such as falafel or hummus. It is also used as a thin triangular cracker.

There are many versions of pitta, but the classic is the round ball with a pocket in the middle. It is usually made with wholemeal flour for a slightly chewy texture.

During the baking process, steam helps to puff up the dough. This allows the inside of the pitta to develop a pocket while the outside remains solid.

The best way to cook pitta is in a high-temperature oven. However, they can be cooked in a water bath as well.


Often referred to as Arabic bread, pita is a flat, yeast-leavened bread commonly consumed in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. It can be baked into chips or used as a wrap for various sandwiches.

It is rich in protein, carbohydrates, and minerals. It is also a good source of fiber. Fiber promotes the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract. Fiber can also help to control blood glucose levels. It also lowers cholesterol levels.

Pita bread is often made with wheat flour, but other grains can be used. For example, you can use oats, teff flour, barley, or even multiple grains. You can also add herbs or spices to the dough.

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