Insight Tours Reviews


Insight Tours is an excellent option for those looking to take a vacation that offers an authentic experience. The company prides itself on providing high-quality meals that are farm-to-table. Their excursions often include cooking classes and demonstrations. Their hotels and lodging are also carefully selected. They’re chosen for their central locations, significance to the destination, and representation of the region.


Trafalgar Tours is a premium tour company that offers guided tours to popular destinations across the globe. Its “insider” approach ensures that travelers will meet local people and gain valuable insights into the places they visit. The company has a diverse network of local characters and offers a variety of tour packages for individuals, couples, and groups.

Trafalgar has over 230 different trips, including luxury tours, active and relaxing tours, and budget vacations. It offers more different types of trips than any other guided tour company. This diversity allows travelers to enjoy an excellent variety of destinations. Global Coach Tours highly recommends Trafalgar as a tour provider.


Insight Vacations offers vacations with a variety of dining options. You can choose to dine at a local restaurant or sample the local cuisine while enjoying demonstrations and cooking classes. Insight vacations also carefully select its hotels for their location and significance to the destination. While most of the tours include at least 3 days of sightseeing, many also offer plenty of time for independent exploration.

Many of Insight’s tours are priced competitively, but you can also find special deals and discounts. If you book a trip with them earlier, you can save 10% or more. You can also save more money when you join the company’s frequent traveler program. Members receive a 5% discount on their next trip and have access to exclusive offers and promotions. Insight is great for families and couples, as it accepts people of all ages.

Trafalgar & Insight Vacations

Trafalgar & Insight Vacations offers a wide range of escorted tours for groups of all sizes. With a focus on authentic local experiences, this company is known for offering small-group tours to the nation’s most iconic national parks. The company’s tours range from Southern California to Arizona and include stops in Sedona and Scottsdale. You’ll also have the opportunity to taste whiskey at local distilleries and learn how to cook traditional French cuisine.

Insight and Trafalgar offer discounts for certain dates and destinations, or specific trip types. You can also save money on a trip by paying early or by booking as a group. Insight also offers discounts for children aged five to seventeen and for solo travelers. Both companies also offer discounts for multiple guests sharing a room, so if you have a large family you can save even more.

Group sizes

Insight Tours offers small-group tours for travelers who appreciate the unique benefits of small-group travel. The benefits of these small-group tours include a more personalized experience, more time for sightseeing, and hand-picked hotels. Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation in a beautiful location or an action-packed excursion, Insight has a tour for you.

Insight Tours’ small-group travel experience is ideal for a relaxing vacation. Their trips are crafted to give you as much time as you need at each destination. For example, their tours in Spain and Portugal are ideal for people who like to take their time exploring. Their excursions start each day with Relaxed Starts, which give you the chance to relax and enjoy your breakfast. Insight Vacations’ tour buses are equipped with personal air conditioning and Wi-Fi.

Food options

Insight Tours are small, private group tours that make food an important focus in each of their itineraries. The tours vary in size depending on your interest and can be customized to meet your exact needs. There are several different types of food options to choose from. Some of the food options are more traditional, while others are more exotic and creative.

Whether you are looking for local cuisine or more exotic, gourmet fare, Insight Tours can help. They offer thoughtful vegetarian options and seasonal specialties from the region.

Value for money

If you’re looking for value for money on a tour, then Insight Tours is a great option. They offer coach tours as well as a range of luxury hotels. Insight also has a well-being director on trips of 22 or more guests, who are there to help guests during their travels. The company has also developed new well-being protocols and hygiene standards with partners like the WTTC and WHO. Lastly, they have added MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experiences in partnership with TreadRight, which are designed to empower local communities and support the United Nations Global Goals.

Insight Tours offers several luxurious vacations that offer authentic cultural experiences. They also introduce travelers to amazing people. The coaches are spacious and comfortable, with only twelve seats removed from the standard 52 seats.

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