King Plumbing Is a Company You Can Trust For All Your Plumbing Needs


Hiring a plumbing company is an important decision, and finding one you trust to complete the necessary work is vital. One method to find such an entity is online reviews; however, be mindful that some may not be accurate.

Residential & Commercial Plumbing

King Plumbing offers comprehensive residential and commercial plumbing services. Their experienced team can tackle anything from clogged drains to new home construction projects, as well as providing hydro jetting, sewer & drain repair, hydro jetting services, and hydro jetting. In business since 2007, this Spring Valley company belongs to the Construction-Special Trade Contractors industry.

When hiring a plumber, it is essential to consider their experience and expertise. Hiring someone with extensive plumbing knowledge will ensure the task gets done correctly the first time around. Furthermore, it is a wise idea to ensure the individual or company fulfills all licensing, bonding, and registration requirements; otherwise, you could risk scamming or working with unlicensed businesses.

Drain Cleaning

At times when plumbing services are required, be it for clogged drains or leaking water heaters, you need an experienced company that will respond promptly with fair price quotes to repair your problem as quickly as possible – that is why King Plumbing And Drain Services LLC should be your number one call!

Since 2007, this business has specialized in all areas of plumbing and heating. From simple fixes to new construction projects and multi-family complex conversions from oil boilers to natural gas systems, they cover it all!

They provide services such as the installation of sump pumps and battery backup systems, water softeners, and more. Furthermore, they are licensed and insured by the Office of the Attorney General-PA. Moreover, this business may require professional licenses, bonds, or registration; BBB advises you to check with any applicable agencies to be sure any requirements are being fulfilled at this Spring Valley location.

Sewer & Drain Repair

The main sewer line plays an essential role in any plumbing system. All waste from sinks and toilets must travel through this line before reaching the city sewer system. Clogging of this main sewer line may result in severe water damage to both homes and businesses alike; potential causes include:

Corroded or degraded pipes over time due to ground shifting or other factors can become damaged and need replacing, leading to further corrosion or degradation of their content. These pipes will likely need to be taken apart and cleaned prior to replacement.

Camera inspection can help identify the ideal method of sewer pipe repair. Trenchless methods, such as pipe lining and pipe bursting, offer trenchless solutions without disrupting or messing with your yard, saving both money and time in the long run. Trusting King Plumbing to repair your sewer line will ensure no major problems arise in the future; reviews online can be helpful; just be wary if they seem biased!

Water Heater Installation

No matter the model of water heater you purchase, A.O. Smith appliances should always be professionally installed by trained personnel to avoid property damage, water leakage, and product malfunctions. Chandler property owners in Arizona can trust King Plumbing, Heating & AC to correctly install their units as well as help resolve any potential issues should they arise.

Arizona’s harsh water environment and extreme climate changes reduce the lifespan of water heaters, so property owners should contact King Plumbing’s experts regularly for maintenance service to extend its lifespan, cut energy costs, and ensure there is always hot water when needed. In addition, replacement services for old or damaged heaters are provided, installation for multi-family new construction projects, and oil-to-gas boiler conversion services – providing property owners with all they need to complete any plumbing project from start to finish! Our team of technicians has you covered from start to finish!

Oil to Gas Boiler Conversion

Switching from oil heating to natural gas can save both money and reduce carbon emissions, not to mention being much odorless than its oil counterpart. Furthermore, many people prefer gas because of its ability to be easily distributed around homes compared to oil’s emissions into the environment.

If your home is not connected to the gas grid, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) may be used to fuel your boiler instead. LPG works similarly to heating oil; you need to make arrangements with a local supplier who will deliver it directly.

Though conversion kits can be purchased and completed on your own, we strongly advise hiring a licensed technician for the best results. Residual oil soot can react with pipework to cause acidic reactions that could endanger equipment or even cause soil and water contamination. A professional can ensure all piping is installed and appropriately sized and ensure there is enough gas capacity in your home for all of your appliances – as well as evaluate any repairs necessary prior to conversion, helping you assess costs associated with this job more accurately.