League of Graphs Becomes MOBA Network


League of Graphs is one of the most beloved in-game companions used by millions of players to boost their odds of victory with stats-based information. Developed initially under Wargraphs’ banner by one developer in 2015, League of Graphs has attracted billions of pageviews to date – producing $12.3 Million worth of revenue alone since 2022!


League of Graphs is an in-game companion utilized by millions of players around the world. Offering valuable statistics-based insight on player performance ranging from blue vs red matchups, warding strategies, flash usage rates, and flash usage – these statistics help optimize players’ gameplay experience while the site also features information regarding builds, matchups, jungle paths, and general info about bodies/match-ups/jungle paths – developed initially as Wargraphs by one developer and later sold to MOBA Network for an advantageous sum.

A summary graph can assist players in understanding the significance of each feature to xpPerMin. This chart lists each characteristic sorted by impact size in descending order, revealing its effect on prediction and providing users with insight into how such features influence model results and future performance.


League of Graphs and its accompanying in-game app, Professor, are indispensable tools for any League of Legends player. These dense stats aggregators offer players access to an abundance of data about their team’s performance and individual champions, everything from win rates to gold usage and creeps per minute, plus detailed ping rates, warding strategies, flash usage rates, jungle paths, etc. They were initially built by Wargraphs developer before recently being bought over by MOBAFire Network at an incredible $50 Million sum!


Whoever has an interest in League of Legends will recognize Professor and League of Graphs, two helpful in-game companions and stats aggregators that show who’s winning what. Wargraphs created all three sites as well as Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics versions under its banner, recently selling them off for considerable payouts via MOBA Network (read the announcement for more info here).


League of Graphs and Porofessor are beloved in-game companions that millions of players turn to in order to increase their odds of victory with statistical information. Both were developed by Wargraphs under one developer and saw tremendous traffic – their combined page views produced $12 Million of revenue during its fiscal period ending November 30, 2022; recently, these sites were sold off to MOBAFire Network at a favorable price.

To download League of Graphs from Google Play, navigate to its listing and tap on “Install.” A popup window with all of its permissions will then appear for review before beginning the installation process. Accept them all if prompted in order to complete the installation process successfully.