Mahindra Khan Ki Company Hain


Mahindra is a multinational Indian company involved in several industries. Their primary specialty lies with utility vehicles and tractors; however, they also offer logistic and information technology services.

Tech Mahindra, its business process outsourcing division, serves over 988 global customers. Additionally, Tech Mahindra has developed several electric vehicles, including the eVerito sedan and eSupro commercial van.

Its History

Mahindra Group is an Indian conglomerate company known for its diversity across multiple sectors, such as real estate, agriculture, aviation, commercial vehicles, and defense. Established over seven decades ago, it now stands as one of the country’s top automobile manufacturers, with a global presence spanning 100+ countries and employing over 2,40,000 globally.

Mahindra & Mahindra was established in 1945 as a steel trading firm by J. C. Mahindra, K. C. Mahindra, and Malik Ghulam Muhammad. After India was partitioned in 1947, Malik Ghulam left to migrate to Pakistan while K.C Mahindra took control of the business and changed its name accordingly – hence Mahindra and Mahindra!

Over time, this company has emerged as a significant producer of sport utility vehicles and farm tractors in India. Furthermore, its reach into passenger car manufacturing was extended through acquisitions of domestic startups as well as South Korean automotive giant Ssangyong Motors.

This company boasts over 988 global customers and is recognized as a premier Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) provider in India. They offer innovative mobility solutions, driving rural prosperity, cultivating new businesses, and supporting communities worldwide. Their global footprint covers manufacturing facilities located in over 100 locations as well as over 270 research and development centers worldwide.

Its Products

Mahindra offers an array of vehicles and products. Their offerings span from tractors, construction equipment, trucks, passenger vehicles, and SUVs. Their quality and innovation have earned them global renown; their products can be found everywhere, from rural India to developed nations around the globe.

Mahindra has also collaborated with other manufacturers to produce some of its cars. For instance, it developed the Logan sedan alongside Renault. Furthermore, Mahindra acquired the REVA brand to develop small electric vehicles like e2o.

Mahindra offers customers an expansive dealer network to make it easier than ever for them to locate the ideal car or truck, with financing solutions provided as an added convenience.

Its Subsidiaries

The Mahindra Group is more than just a company selling products; it is a conglomerate with multiple sectors it impacts. Each of its significant subsidiaries plays an essential part in strengthening its portfolio; from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd’s automobile division to Tech Mahindra’s IT services business, each subsidiary showcases how Mahindra can make an impactful statement about how impactful its impact is across various industries.

The group has expanded into other markets through the acquisition of several international companies like Peugeot Motorcycles, SsangYong Motor Company, Pininfarina Spa (an Italian car designer), Hisarlar Farm Equipment, and Erkunt Tractors Sanayi – this expansion paving the way for further growth and diversification in future years.

Mahindra Financial Services Ltd is an iconic name in Indian finance. Offering personal loans and insurance products as well as contributing to environmental conservation by using planes to rescue wildlife or fight wildfires, they are trusted names within this sector.

Tech Mahindra Limited was formed as part of the Group in 1986 through a joint venture between British Telecom and Tech Mahindra as a technological outsourcing firm. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, and Tech Mahindra has won various accolades, such as the Frost & Sullivan India Technology Leadership Award in 2011 and the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Asia Pacific Award in 2007. Today, it boasts 988 global customers and is ISO 27001:2013 compliant.

Its Vision

Mahindra’s vision is to enable enterprise everywhere, and they operate in industries that drive economic growth, such as tractors, utility vehicles, and IT. They also have presences in agriculture, aerospace components finance defense energy, as well as agriculture components finance defense energy – with their global business focused on five themes such as helping people rise, rural prosperity, urban living, and nurturing new companies.

By 2022, its agribusiness division will strive to double India’s crop production. To do this, they focus on productivity, sustainability, and innovation principles while offering technological solutions that help farmers save both time and money while simultaneously producing higher-quality produce. Furthermore, the group is working toward decreasing dependence on imported seeds and fertilizers.

In the automotive sector, the company is focused on designing its electric cars and powertrains – including the electric sedan eVerito and three-wheelers – while also creating an EV network to offer zero-emission mobility solutions.

Though successful in its acquisitions, the group has experienced difficulty with joint ventures. Their initial attempt with Ford Motor of the US proved unsuccessful; as a result, they became more cautious with future acquisitions by selecting partners with reduced risk profiles, such as ICICI Ventures for the Metalcastello acquisition and Kotak Private Equity for the GippsAero acquisition.