Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 199


Monster Pet Evolution is one of the more captivating manga series available today, with fascinating stories to follow and an engaging protagonist with access to an advanced system for seeing attribute data frames of monsters and understanding their emotions. Furthermore, there’s another character known as Dark Child who can dissolve monster carcasses to free their souls.

Table of Contents

Gao Peng

Gao Peng was delighted to receive a phone call from both of his grandparents at Legendary Grade. Since he hadn’t seen them before the Cataclysm, they had become distant relatives.

His excitement prompted him to rush off towards them. Upon arrival at their meeting place, there was already a large gathering of people converging near Xihai Lake, which had grown significantly larger since before the Cataclysm.

All were monster trainers, with many reaching Legendary Grade status. Gao Peng had ambitiously made it this far. He desired to become the most muscular monster trainer ever while simultaneously seeking ways to revive his late parents’ spirits.

As Gao Peng spoke with his grandparents, an unexpected loud noise could be heard from afar. A Dragon Ant had descended from the sky and landed right before Gao Peng. Kneeling before him, it then called him master! Gao Peng was dumbfounded.

Gao Peng knew that Adamantine Duck was a mighty monster, but he never anticipated that it could transform into something more impressive: Forbidden Adamantine Duck! A Forbidden Adamantine Duck would repel substances with similar properties while awakening second monster effects – something Gao Peng found to be particularly valuable and surpassing that of Forbidden Black Pearl as a treasure worth millions! Gao Peng smiled widely as his attention turned towards this item that could change into Forbidden Adamantine Duck treasure!


Jinsung may look like any average college student, but in Kaillan, he is Ian: an experienced level 93 archer. When he resets his character, everyone thinks it strange; however, Jinsung has an ulterior motive – to become the one and only Taming Master! However, it will prove challenging due to fast level-up requirements and monster-taming being tough; will Jinsung make it?

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