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Among the most prolific composers of the Classical period was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, he lived a relatively short life, composing more than 800 works in his lifetime. To better understand his life and works, we can read Maynard Solomon’s biography of Mozart.

Maynard Solomon’s biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Maynard Solomon’s Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart biography provides a wealth of information about the composer’s life and work. Many sections were initially presented as Messenger Lectures at Cornell University in the spring of 1992. These lectures were later presented at other universities and venues, including the Royal Musical Association in London and the Woodrow Wilson International Center.

Solomon also dives into Mozart’s early life. He discusses Mozart’s childhood and outlines his family life. He also attacks the “myth of the eternal child,” the idea that Mozart’s father, Leopold, wanted him to stay a child forever.

Wolfgang’s father left his sister and mother behind to travel to Italy with his son. The father hoped to show off his son’s talents as a performer. While in Bologna, he met G. B. Martini and was accepted to the Accademia Filarmonica. He also heard Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere, a piece that would later inspire the composer.


If you love Mozart, you will want to check out this biography. It is written by a non-fiction book author and gives a biography of the composer. He lived until age 35 and composed more than eight hundred pieces of music. The book is intended for children ages six and up. It is 64 pages long and has lively text. It will make you appreciate Mozart’s legacy.

This biography was written by Franz Xaver Niemetschek, a native of the Czech Republic, and was published in 1798. It is one of the earliest musical biographies and is an essential document of the history of music.


Despite his popularity and fame, Mozart’s biography is not without its myths. Although his music is often performed and admired today, his life was not always easy. He had a strained relationship with his father and sometimes pursued society’s attention. Yet, his music was in a world of its own.

Mozart died relatively young, but his life and works have had a lasting impact on music. He influenced many composers by incorporating valuable features of their music into his own. He also traveled widely, which helped him create some of his most unique compositions. Even today, many composers have written variations on his themes.

After a successful debut of his opera Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail (K. 384), Mozart sought a court appointment and began taking students. He also wrote pieces of music for publication and played piano in other people’s concerts. This helped him establish himself as the premier keyboard player in Vienna. During this time, Mozart also dabbled in writing opera. On July 16, 1782, Mozart’s German opera, “Don Giovanni,” premiered and was a success. It was performed throughout Europe.

Book review

The Book review of Mozart’s biography is an insightful read about the composer’s life. It highlights the composer’s contributions to music history and reveals how his personality shaped his creative output. It also provides a detailed look at the composer’s instruments and the performers who influenced him. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the life and works of Mozart.

The book also includes numerous portrayals of individual works. However, the author chooses to avoid over-detailed depictions of score fragments and instead takes the more difficult road of describing the mood, tonal colors, and structure of Mozart’s compositions.


A Mozart biography is a beautiful way to learn about one of the greatest composers of all time. It can also help you improve your piano playing skills and enhance your child’s interest in music. In addition, a Mozart biography can be fascinating, and many books are also available in a story-telling format.

While there are many books on Mozart, it is essential to choose the right one based on the content, author’s reputation, and user experience. Here are 20 books on Mozart that you might find interesting.

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