Obagi Skin Care Review


Olivia Quido-Co, master esthetician, entrepreneur, and Christian philanthropist, has dedicated over two decades to making others look radiant. At O Skin Care Med Spa, she offers customized treatments designed to achieve clearer complexions for clients through customized therapies tailored specifically for them. Olivia’s Essential regimen provides gentle yet powerful protection against high-powered treatments or services and keeps skin looking vibrant while staying healthy and beautiful.

Obagi® Skin Care Products

Obagi’s vast array of prescription-strength skincare products and systems is designed to treat acne, reduce wrinkles, and reverse sun damage. Their products have been scientifically researched for over three decades – each working directly with your cells’ cellular functions to unleash your complexion’s full potential.

Dermatologist Zein Obagi founded his brand in 1988 with the mission of producing effective skincare products that were medical-grade and doctor-dispensed, bearing in mind his belief that your skin is more than an accumulation of past events; it serves as a window into your future. Today, this mission continues with their products featuring top-quality ingredients for slowing signs of aging skin, treating scars and acne breakouts, evening out tone, protecting complexions, and slowing the appearance of fine lines – tailoring products specifically to light to dark faces alike!

Obagi differs from many skincare brands by not using filler ingredients; rather, their focus lies on each ingredient’s purpose – for instance, antioxidants neutralizing free radicals which may damage skin or peptides that promote collagen and elastin production – giving customers smoother, firmer complexions which appear healthier and younger.

Obagi offers an impressive variety of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and serums designed to address many skin care needs, from cleansers and toners to moisturizers and serums. Their most renowned offerings are their retinol serum for fine lines and wrinkles and the vitamin C serum for even tone and diminishing dark spots. These two treatments are often combined for complete regimens with one package offering, each offering extensive scientific research backed by clinical trials and available at retail.

If you want to try the Obagi line of skin care products, our knowledgeable team can assess your complexion and recommend which ones are right for you. Additionally, they can show how best to incorporate them into your current skincare regimen and provide tips and tricks to get the most from their Obagi products.

Aveeno® Dermexa® Skin Care Products

Aveeno(r) Dermexa skin care products contain an effective oatmeal formula to soothe extra dry and eczema-prone skin. Oatmeal combined with prebiotic oat complex and ceramides helps strengthen your natural barrier, relieving key symptoms like itching and flaking while improving skin’s overall appearance. Plus, these gentle products can be used on both face and body!

Aveeno products have been dermatologist-tested and can be used on all skin types, including sensitive ones. Furthermore, Aveeno also makes specific ointments and creams designed to target specific conditions like psoriasis, diaper rash, and sunburn, which may be applied directly to affected areas as needed.

These ointments and creams can be used alone or combined with other skin care products for maximum effectiveness. You can purchase them online or from significant drugstore chains; after washing with mild soap/cleansers, they should be applied directly onto skin areas, lips, or around the eyes for maximum benefit.

These ointments and creams contain ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, oat oil, and Avena sativa kernel flour – free of talc, propylene glycol fragrance, or dyes!

Oatmeal in these ointments or creams has been processed into finely powdered components that can easily penetrate skin pores. Once processed, these ingredients are combined with glycerol, panthenol, and ceramides to produce an effective product.

These ointments are safe for infants and can be used alongside our oat baby body wash and daily emollient cream to nourish skin and soot. Oats found within these products have also been known to aid the natural microbiome and barrier function for healthy-looking and resilient skin from day one.

Aveeno has long been committed to researching and creating products with naturally active ingredients that benefit skin health. Each component undergoes extensive screening before being selected as potentially useful ingredients, allowing Aveeno to craft safe yet effective skincare solutions.

Obagi® Skin Care System

Obagi(r) Skin Care System is a medical-grade skincare line recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons due to its effective formulations containing highly concentrated active ingredients that work to restore healthy-looking skin. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons cite its superior performance compared to store-bought skincare products due to the high concentration of active ingredient formulations.

These ingredients are carefully chosen to address specific skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne breakouts, or uneven skin tone. By adhering to a comprehensive skincare regime, it is possible to see marked improvements in its appearance and overall health.

Obagi offers an assortment of skincare products designed to transform the appearance of skin. Their targeted approach accelerates renewal processes, reduces the visibility of freckles and age spots, and evens out skin’s natural pigment, giving the results of their use a healthier, brighter, and younger-looking complexion.

Attaining maximum effectiveness from your Obagi system lies in carefully following product instructions. They provide detailed guidance about when and how much each product to apply, along with any tailored skincare plans provided by your physician – this ensures you’re using these products safely and effectively.

Obagi skincare products are only available through physicians or dermatologists and cannot be purchased from department stores, drugstores, or infomercials. Their sale requires an actual valid FDA prescription, ensuring you receive only those products explicitly tailored to meet your unique skin type needs.

Before adding any new skincare products to your regimen, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional. A dermatologist or aesthetic practitioner can recommend the most suitable options and tailor an individual plan just for you, performing patch tests to ensure everything suits perfectly and safely with your skin type.

Obagi® Skin Care Routine

Obagi skincare offers a comprehensive selection of dermatologist-recommended and clinically tested solutions designed to enhance skin health and appearance. Their products address hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and acne, and Obagi also offers in-office procedures like lactic acid peels and laser treatments for treatment purposes.

Obagi has developed a comprehensive skincare system that delivers remarkable results even for the most stubborn skin conditions. Each line of Obagi products contains ingredients like vitamin C, peptides, and retinol. They have been scientifically shown to make an impactful statement about their effectiveness on your skin.

Obagi cleansers are designed with non-allergenic ingredients that do not add fragrance. Their design lets them gently cleanse skin without stripping its natural barrier, leaving it tight and dry and providing relief. There are various Obagi cleansers explicitly tailored for different skin types – those with normal, oily, or combination skin will find Nu-Derm Foaming Gel beneficial, which contains soap-free foaming technology with pH balance to maintain natural moisture without overdrying.

Obagi cleansers include Pore Therapy, which unclogs pores with 2% salicylic acid to prep your skin for further acne treatment regimen steps. Infused with natural extracts like borage and alfalfa to soothe and soften skin.

Obagi Gentle Cleanser is an excellent solution for those with sensitive skin. This cleanser is perfect for dry or sensitive skin, formulated without fragrances, parabens, and soap to ensure it won’t irritate the skin. It contains no dyes, fillers, or added fragrances – making it suitable for all skin types!

Contact us to book a consultation with one of our expert practitioners and find the ideal Obagi products for you. We would happily perform a patch test and make personalized recommendations tailored to your needs. Additionally, our team can answer any queries regarding Obagi products and how they can transform your complexion.