Paul Schumacher Homes Reviews


The Buchanans launched an email blast and a website to warn potential clients about Schumacher Homes. They also wanted to make contact with other alleged victims of the custom builder. However, Schumacher Homes of North Carolina says their actions were like a smear campaign and sued them for defamation. The company has also filed motions preventing the Buchanans from reaching out to prospective clients and publishing information online.

Choosing a builder

Paul Schumacher Homes is a company that builds homes from scratch. They are known for their attention to detail and affordable prices. They can help you choose the right site for your new home and help you prepare it with ease. They also have a VPO review committee that reviews variance purchase orders over $200, and their goal is to keep construction costs within one percent of the original quote. In addition, you can customize your plans on-the-fly with design consultants. You can request a change in your home plan and have it reflected in your design in minutes. You can also receive instant cost breakdowns and price quotes.

When choosing a builder for your home, finding someone with experience in the building process is essential. This means understanding the process and working closely with the builder to get the right results. Paul Schumacher began his career in 1992 with little more than a house plan. His parents were real estate brokers, and his father worked in the construction industry. To be successful, he studied business and construction and hired the best people for every phase. His goal was to provide a better product than the housing market and convince buyers that building new was affordable.

Choosing a home inspector

A new home is the most expensive purchase a person will ever make, so ensuring you get a home inspection is an essential step before closing. While the cost of a home inspection is relatively tiny compared to the total cost of the home, a good inspector will help you avoid expensive surprises. In addition, you can rest assured that an InterNACHI-certified inspector will perform the best inspection possible.

Finding a home inspector with a reputation for providing quality service is essential when completing a custom home. While it may seem intimidating to hire someone to look over your new home, it’s smart if you can find a professional who is experienced and trustworthy. Schumacher Homes has an excellent reputation for building homes right the first time, ensuring that your investment is long-lasting and energy-efficient. You’ll also benefit from the company’s attention to detail.

Paul Schumacher Homes reviews can help you select a home inspector with the highest expertise in building custom homes. Schumacher’s custom homes have guarantees and warranties for structural and mechanical systems, depending on your budget and the home you’re buying. The price range is also attractive, and their widespread market coverage makes them a good choice for a custom home.

Choosing a custom home builder

A great custom home builder should be flexible and able to design a home that suits your needs. Paul Schumacher Homes offers many models and an extensive Design Studio that allows you to touch and feel the many options available. The design studio also allows you to select flooring, countertops, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and windows.

A custom home can be challenging and expensive, but it can be easier to build than you think. With the help of a professional, you don’t have to worry about the technical details, permits, and labor. Building a home is a rewarding experience.

Schumacher Homes is the largest custom home builder in the country. It has 22 locations in 11 states and over 19,000 homes since 1992. It is family-owned and has design studios in most cities. In addition, they have a one-stop-shop design studio with model homes that showcase the latest trends in home design.

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