Photopea Tutorial – Create Amazing Photos With Photopea


In this Photopea tutorial, you’ll learn how to make your photos look their best. We’ll discuss using filters, Smart Objects, and scripts. In addition, we’ll cover how to create and edit Clipping Masks. You’ll be able to create amazing photos in no time.


Photopea is an image editing application available for free online. It does not require installation and runs on any operating system, including Windows. It supports JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, CXF, and GIF files. You can also edit and convert PDF files and RAW files.

Smart Objects

Smart objects are layers that can contain both raster and vector content. Like any other layer, they can be resized, transformed, and applied as filters or adjustment layers. You can also select and mask them for a more flexible editing process. Smart objects also have many valuable features, including non-destructive filtering and transformation.

Smart objects are used to correct color and contrast in photographs automatically. To make them work together, you can edit them with various tools available in Photopea. For example, you can apply a filter to a specific color or adjust its brightness. After creating the bright object, you can link it to multiple sources in the same photo.

Cropping is another helpful feature in Photopea. It lets you crop your photo project in a variety of ways. You can trim a single layer or an entire project using this feature. However, cutting a single layer in photopeak is more complicated than editing multiple layers.

Smart Objects with Scripts

Scripts are a great way to create new effects in Photopea. These scripts run in the background of your Photopea application and can be used to manipulate various parameters. Scripts can be edited using the Photopea GUI, and you can create and execute them using photopea’s API.

Scripts enable you to edit Smart Objects without losing any quality. Furthermore, scripts allow you to apply multiple transformations to the same image, and the new effects are applied to all the copies. This feature enables you to create many duplicates of a Smart Object and update all of them at once.

Clipping masks

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of creating clipping masks in Photopea, you’re probably wondering how to go about it. The truth is, it’s very similar to working in Photoshop. First, you open an image in Photopea by clicking the FILE menu, then choosing Open and Place. This opens the image directly in the PS file without dragging it. Then, you use the keyboard shortcut CTRL G to create a clipping mask.

You can use these masks to fit a picture into a heart or other shape. The process is simple. First, you select the first mask, then select the second one. After that, you can press enter to save the combination.

Text editing

If you’re interested in text editing, this Photopea tutorial can help you learn how to apply eight text effects to your Photoshop photos. It’s easy to create text effects with Photopea because you can use its text tool to type in the text and change the font, style, and size to create fully customized text effects.

In the Text Layer window, click and hold one point to select it. Then, right-click the layer and choose the blending options. Select the stroke size of 9 px, color: 2e2e2, and click OK.

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