Pirates Cove in Stuart, Florida


Pirates Cove is one of the most exciting attractions on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It features waterparks, mini-golf, Aerial classes, and Legendary pirates. The park also offers access to the Manatee Pocket, a natural sea-life preserve.


There’s a reason why Pirates Cove is touted as New Jersey’s premier family waterpark. In addition to the large pool kids can splash around, the park features several kid-friendly waterslides, including those above, a slew of zero-depth areas, and a mammoth wading pool with a clamshell slide that’s a veritable watering hole for toddlers.

The park also has some exciting features, such as a large sand play area, several aquatic classes, and an impressive assortment of food and drink options. For the adventurous, Pirates Cove also offers paintball and fishing. While the park isn’t huge, there are enough attractions to keep the whole family entertained for a full day, and the hotel is situated right next door, making it a convenient stop on your way to the theme park.

Miniature golf

Pirates Cove Miniature Golf is a unique and fun place to play miniature golf. It was conceived by Brian Blair Studios, a leading design firm that has mastered the art of designing and building world-class resorts, theme parks, museums, golf courses, and entertainment venues. This 36-hole course has all the bells and whistles of any other miniature golf course, including a replica of a pirate ship, a waterfall, and a couple of caves. In addition, the system is a great place to take the family.

While you’re here, why not enjoy the rest of the Pirates Cove Resort amenities, like paintball and fishing? As if that wasn’t enough, you can also scuba dive, snorkel, and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you’re into miniature golf, Pirates Cove offers 25 family-friendly courses across the country.

Legendary pirates

Legendary pirates lurk at Pirates Cove. They will attack you if you drop off loot or fight them. So in avoid getting into trouble, don’t go there.

The game starts with each player receiving a tavern card and nine doubloons. Each tavern card has a different effect. Some let you do nifty things during the game, like tell a tall tale, or play combat cards.

You also have access to the Captain’s Wheel. This will help you when you are fighting. For a small fee, you can repair your ship.

Each island has a different number of cards in it. The number of cards you receive will determine the amount of loot you will get each turn. You can earn more fame or gold depending on the amount of loot you get.

Access to the Manatee Pocket

A new walkway, called the Pocket Walk, is being built along the waterfront of the Manatee Pocket in Stuart. This walk will follow the existing bulkhead and offer a way to access the waterfront. The project will also include an interactive fountain with a tile map of the area.

The Pocket Walk will connect to Phase I and Phase III. In addition to providing a convenient walking path, the new Pocket Walk will also serve as a gateway feature. Boaters can access the waterway from an accessible ramp between the marina sales building and the boat storage facility.

Currently, Pocket harbor has five restaurants. These include Twisted Craft & Creamery, which offers a unique craft beer and specialty wine selection. You’ll also find King Neptune’s, which has been family owned for more than 50 years.

Aerial classes

Aesthetically inclined, if not technically challenged, you are in for a treat at Pirates Cove. The one-time wonder will have you rubbing elbows with a sea scavenger. Among other things, the poop deck is home to a well-stocked spa and fitness center. In addition to the more than two dozen enshrined pools, there is a full-service marina, a golf course, and a children’s playground. On the sands above, you’ll also find a 13,000-square-foot community clubhouse and some semblance of order. Despite the snobs in the know, you’ll always have the option of making a splash at the club’s social soirees.

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