Platinum Realty – 1st Platinum Realty Reviews


Whether you are thinking about buying or selling a home, you will find that the information you need to make an informed decision is readily available at Platinum Realty. This information includes company reviews, employee data, and a detailed look at the company’s culture. This information will help you to determine if Platinum Realty is the right realty firm for you.

Work environment

Those looking for an outstanding work environment will find that Platinum Realty is a top choice. The company has a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to the success of affiliated agents. They also offer excellent customer service.

Platinum Realty offers a large amount of training for agents who are looking to grow their careers. In addition to the training, the company provides the latest marketing resources. They also offer a higher agent-to-staff ratio than the industry average. The company’s employees have an average salary of $57,667 per year. The company also offers a variety of job profiles.

Platinum Realty is a real estate company that operates in five states. It has more than 50 agents and is growing rapidly. The company is striving to become the largest real estate company in the country. They are also at the forefront of the real estate revolution. The company’s mission is to help people buy and sell homes.

Companies similar to Platinum Realty

Founded by Scott DeNeve in 2005, Platinum Realty has become the fastest-growing real estate company in the United States. With over 2,100 agents and thirteen offices in five states, the company has become a leading real estate firm in the Midwest.

Platinum Realty is committed to serving its agents and the communities in which they live. The team strives to provide a high level of service and training to agents. The company also has a goal to become the largest real estate company in the Midwest. The firm is also committed to offering a unique business model to experienced agents.

The team Platinum Realty has a history of aligning its values with those of its agents. This includes providing a high level of service to each client. It is also known for its dedication to creating a strong culture. In addition, Platinum Realty employees tend to be satisfied with their jobs. They stay with the company for 6.2 years on average.

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