Putien New Year’s Eve Menu


The Putien cny menu consists of many delicious dishes. These include Poon Choi, Deep-fried Squirrel Fish, Pork Ribs, and Abalone Pot of Goodies. Whether a novice to the cuisine or a seasoned pro, these dishes are sure to impress.

Poon Choi

The Poon Choi putien cNY menu features a wide selection of dishes and is the perfect way to celebrate Chinese New Year. The menu is diverse and the dishes are made from the finest ingredients. There are also many side dishes to accompany the delicious main course. The restaurant’s signature noodles and sides are sure to please.

The Putien Chinese New Year menu contains comfort food and traditional Chinese flavours from the eastern Fujian province. The festive set menus include dishes such as scallops in XO sauce, sweet and sour yellow croaker, deep-fried pork trotters, and Stir-fried Yam.

Deep-fried Squirrel Fish

One of the many items on the Putien cny menu is the Deep-fried squirrel fish. This Chinese delicacy is often served in a bun and features deboned seabass, a sweet and sour sauce, and a layer of crispy batter.

It is a unique and highly recommended dish. The Putien cny menu features a wide variety of local dishes, from dumplings to a variety of side dishes. A popular item is the Putien Lor Mee, which is sour, hot, and savoury. The dish was named for a city in China called Putian, famous for its mighty mountains and expansive ocean. It is a simple and unpretentious dish, yet it has a distinct flavour.

Abalone Pot of Goodies

The new Putien’s Abalone Pot is available in a variety of sizes. It features more than a dozen variations, ranging from top-grade whole abalone to sea cucumber, dried clams, roasted pork, and more. The soup is delicious and comes with a special five-spice sauce.

This special set menu is perfect for Chinese New Year celebrations. You can choose from abalone, dried scallop, sea cucumber, roast duck, and mushrooms. The soup can also come with glutinous rice balls and longevity noodles. The set menu is available for dine-in and takeaway.

Pork Ribs

The PUTIEN CNY menu is filled with mouthwatering pork dishes. The pork ribs are a traditional dish from Putian culture and a must-order for pork lovers. The pork ribs are delicious, with nicely distributed meat cooked with sweet onions.

The PUTIEN restaurant chain originates in Putian, a coastal town in Fujian, China. It is a town with stunning ocean views and mighty mountains. It is blessed with bountiful sea catch, and locals love their region’s simple, homely flavours. The PUTIEN brand expresses the warm, sincere hospitality of the people of Putian.


Yam putien is a Filipino cuisine that focuses on the use of premium yams. This dish features a fried exterior that is golden in colour, and the inside has a delicate fluffy texture. It is considered a healthy food high in antioxidants and exceptionally nutritious. The dish also contains a lot of fibre and is suitable for the heart.

In addition to its delicious menu, PUTIEN also offers takeaway versions of its CNY dishes. They also offer a 10% discount on the bill when two or more dishes are ordered. They are also available on food delivery platforms, including Foodpanda and Grab.


Besides squid, Putien’s menu features other seafood as well. Its deboned seabass is served with a flavorful gravy. The seafood dishes are meant to be seasonal. To showcase this diversity, Putien imports various seasonal ingredients from the Putian province, such as Duo Tou clams and oysters. They highlight these products during the annual oyster festival. The restaurant also serves fresh seafood, including the first batch of seaweed harvested annually.

Fong Chi Chung, the founder of Putien, first opened his restaurant in 2000. At the time, he couldn’t find the dishes he wanted in his homeland. After a few years of trying different types of Chinese food, he began serving dishes from his native land. Putian is famous for its fresh, light dishes and cuisine inspired by its culinary heritage.

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