RBI Approved Loan Apps List 2023


There are numerous advantages to choosing an RBI-registered loan app, including convenience, ease of use, and transparency. These apps adhere to stringent RBI guidelines by disclosing all terms and conditions clearly to borrowers – protecting them against fraud or scams.

Eligibility criteria for taking out loans through an NBFC-registered loan app require valid identification documents (like a passport or driver’s license), address proof, income proof, and, in some cases, a selfie or video KYC to complete the registration process.

Flex Salary

Flex Salary offers an online personal loan service tailored to salaried individuals in order to help meet unexpected expenses. They provide competitive interest rates, simple eligibility requirements, and a one-time approval process, along with salary range comparison tools on their website that could show them exactly how much their salary should be, as well as new opportunities that could lead to more significant earnings potential.

FlexSalary offers both personal and business loans through various loan products. Loan amounts and terms depend on a person’s credit history – for instance, someone with excellent credit may qualify for up to 36-month loans for $70,000, which will enable them to meet financial goals such as purchasing a home or paying tuition fees.

FlexSalary loans may not be suitable for people with poor credit due to their higher interest rates; however, if you possess excellent credit and can secure a steady income, then it could be possible for you to access one of these loans. FlexSalary also offers several other advantages, including the flexibility of choosing your repayment date, which helps meet financial obligations more easily while decreasing the EMI burden on monthly budgets.

FlexSalary, a private company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and estimated annual revenues of $281.5 million boasts over 900 employees with an estimated market valuation of $281.5 million and offers them benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans as well as flexible work hours and vacation time. FlexSalary also provides various job titles tailored specifically for specific employee needs.


Credy is a comprehensive consumer lending platform offering personal loans on flexible terms to salaried employees at personalized terms. Their loan application process is entirely online and paperless; loan approval typically happens within 24 hours. Customers can use their credit line for any purpose, such as medical emergency payments or home renovation costs; their funds will arrive directly into their bank accounts through IMPS.

To apply for a Credit loan, you’ll need to provide personal details, including your name, address, PAN card number, and date of birth. In addition, employment details, including job title and current company, are necessary, as well as banking details, so Credy can transfer the funds directly into your account – then spend it as you see fit!


Rupeelend is a loan app that provides short-term loans to individuals. With an easy application process and quick approval time, it has quickly become one of the go-to choices for people needing emergency financial relief. Rupeelend prioritizes transparency by permitting its borrowers to negotiate interest rates directly.

To apply for a loan, download and sign in with Google or Facebook accounts before selecting loan amount and duration options on the app. Finally, upload KYC documents (selfie, Aadhaar card front/back pictures, and PAN card images). When your application has been approved, funds will arrive directly in your bank account.

Use our app to apply for personal, business, and two-wheeler loans easily. The application process is quick and convenient, with money transferred straight into your bank account shortly after approval. In case more time is needed for repayment of the loan term, just be mindful that longer duration means higher fees.

CASHe app uses an innovative creditworthiness assessment algorithm that differs from that used by banks and NBFCs to assess an individual’s creditworthiness, targeting young salaried professionals as its target market. They offer loans between Rs 1,000 to Rs 4 lakh.

CASHe stands out from other loan apps by not charging an upfront fee to apply for an unsecured personal loan. Their loans are open to individuals with good credit scores and stable incomes who have access to over 200 partner branches – offering fast, simple application processes.

India’s financial technology industry is experiencing rapid expansion due to supportive government policies and a large market. The rapid expansion is fuelled by innovative and dynamic fintech ventures utilizing advanced technologies for streamlining lending processes; such companies use alternative data points or machine learning algorithms to more accurately identify borrowers for credit, while others offer simplified application procedures and prompt disbursals of funds.

Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv is an Indian financial services company offering credit cards, consumer loans, business loans, wealth management services, and insurance products to meet individual and business financial needs across more than 100 locations nationwide. Their offerings meet this need ideally.

The Bajaj Finserv, Personal Loan app, enables customers to secure collateral-free financing of up to Rs 40 lakh with minimal paperwork and flexible tenor. The application process is fast and easy; users can quickly check their eligibility in minutes. Furthermore, this platform features a unique flexible facility that enables borrowers to withdraw funds from their approved limit as necessary while only incurring interest on those funds they use.

Bajaj Finserv offers its EMI Network as an easy and cost-effective solution for purchasing electronics, mobile phones, and appliances at manageable EMIs. Customers have a variety of payment options, including debit and credit cards, to make payments across 80,000+ stores nationwide – it even features its co-branded wallet that accepts 2 Million merchants on the Mobikwik merchant network! In addition, customers may make part prepayments or even foreclose loans without incurring penalty charges.

Bajaj Finserv stands out from other lenders by providing small businesses with multiple financing solutions, including lines of credit and business loans. These products can help entrepreneurs expand their operations or cover unexpected expenses; additionally, their flexible loan facility enables business owners to draw money out when needed while only paying interest on what they’ve used.

Bajaj Finserv allows applicants to apply for business loans by uploading KYC documents via the Bajaj Finserv app and then reviewing, approving, or rejecting their application based on their credit score. If approved, cash will be deposited directly into their bank account within 24 hours; additionally, this app also enables borrowers to keep an eye on EMIs and view loan status at any time, plus download their loan agreement to make reading it simpler.