Reverse Health Reviews


Reverse Health offers women over 40 a tailored weight loss program designed specifically for them, considering their unique physiology – including hormonal imbalances – and offering personalized recommendations regarding supplements such as protein powder, ashwagandha extract, and collagen to aid weight loss.

This weight loss program utilizes meal plans and exercise routines to create a caloric deficit for people, encouraging them to keep track of their progress, an essential aspect of any weight loss program.

Weight loss

The reverse health weight loss program offers a scientifically based, personalized coaching program to facilitate healthy weight management. Their website boasts that their methods have been backed by years of research, an excellent claim since any weight loss program that relies on science rather than myths or unproven approaches is always preferable. However, assessing the extent of science used within their program and its efficacy is crucially important.

This program features a personalized meal plan with calorie tracking, an exercise program, and an accountability group. Calorie tracking is an integral component of weight loss programs as it allows individuals to monitor their eating habits and avoid over-consumption while tracking progress and staying motivated. Furthermore, the app offers a virtual support community and accountability groups to share experiences with similar programs as you progress toward weight loss.

The Reverse Health Weight Loss program also features an exercise routine to help you shed unwanted calories and build lean muscle mass. Each workout has been created for beginners without being overly tricky; three times weekly exercises are advised with you choosing what movement best fits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Reverse Health offers supplements to increase metabolism and hormone production, making a powerful addition to weight loss efforts. However, it should be noted that these supplements should not replace regular nutrition – taking these won’t do anything more to aid weight loss!


Reverse Health’s Weight Loss Program provides a selection of supplements designed to assist in meeting your weight loss goals, from metabolic boosters and hormone balancers, energy boosters, and fat burners to meal plans designed to promote digestion and reduce inflammation.

This nutrition plan will also improve your blood work by lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, decreasing the risk for heart disease, and enhancing sleep quality and mood. Furthermore, support from the team is always available through their convenient chat feature, providing guidance and clearing up any questions.

The Reverse Health app will ask about your age, activity level, food preferences, and more before creating a personalized meal plan tailored specifically for you. In addition to meal planning recommendations such as protein powder, ashwagandha, and collagen supplements – Reverse Health also suggests additional accessories that may help you lose weight while enjoying your favorite dishes.


Exercise is one of the critical components of any weight loss plan, as it not only burns calories and builds muscle but also releases happy hormones into your system and increases motivation to lose weight. Reverse Health offers women customized exercise routines suited specifically to their fitness level, needs, and health conditions. This app provides nutritional guidance and mindset coaching, helping participants overcome common roadblocks to success, like emotional eating or body image issues. Furthermore, its tracker monitors progress to keep programs on target. Reverse Health’s customer reviews have been highly positive, with many women citing significant weight loss results from using it on iPhone and Android as it provides customized fitness and nutrition support without incurring an exorbitant cost for personal training services.


Reverse Health provides access to a team of professionals who can assist in meeting your weight loss goals. Expert advice and guidance cover all aspects of nutrition and exercise as part of their weight loss program, along with an easy tracker that displays progress and keeps you accountable. They’re committed to transparency with an unconditional money-back guarantee should results not appear within 28 days; however, some customers claim they were charged $70+ by them instead.


Reverse health costs vary depending on your select plan; all plans include access to our app, personalized meal plans, exercise programs, coaching, and supplement plans. In addition, each project offers access to our built-in blood work tracker and a mobile food scanner that scans food labels for calories, fat, and sugar content. Reducing blood glucose levels, cholesterol, triglycerides, and joint pain reduction, which may improve overall blood work results while simultaneously improving quality of life, are just some of the potential outcomes of our program.

Reverse Health offers a 12-week video coaching program designed to alter your mindset around food and increase physical activity. They offer beginner-friendly workout videos for moving and recommend supplements to assist with weight loss goals. However, some have voiced concerns regarding Reverse Health’s practices: these may include misleading customers about products and services provided, overcharging for products/services purchased, and not honoring their 28-day money-back guarantee policy.