Revolut Travel Insurance Review


Revolut is an online bank that offers a wide range of features to help you manage your finances. This includes making payments abroad, transferring money, and more.

Revolut is one of the fastest-growing digital banks right now. It’s an excellent option for travelers and digital nomads who want to be in control of their money.

What is Revolut Travel Insurance?

Revolut Travel Insurance is a new travel insurance product that combines travel and financial services from the UK-based financial app, Revolut, and industry leader Allianz Partners. It is available to Revolut’se Premium and Metal account holders, initially in 31 countries across Europe and the UK.

This means that you can get travel insurance with your Revolut credit card and enjoy a whole range of perks. They include emergency medical assistance with expenses paid directly to your Revolut account, delayed travel insurance, discounted devices insurance, + more.

Revolut is also known for its international transfer and exchange capabilities, allowing you to buy and sell currencies at interbank rates. Having access to these features makes Revolut a one-stop shop for regular travelers.

What is Revolut Premium?

Revolut Premium is Revolut’s second tier, which packs in a range of great benefits, including travel insurance and access to airport lounges. It also looks like a regular plastic debit card and is available in three finishes, so it’s an excellent option if you want to switch from the purple Revolut card.

In addition to travel-oriented features, Revolut Premium lets you send, spend and exchange money in up to 30 currencies fee-free. This is great for travelers or ex-pats who need to exchange large amounts of cash abroathey’reffers up to 2% interest on savings “vaults” (UK “and US “only), free unlimited trades for US stocks, and you can buy precious metals at a discount, paying 0.25% of the market value compared to Standard members’ markmembers’5%.

In addition to that, Revolut Premium offers better customer support, including live chat and a dedicated phone number. This is a welcome change from the previous app, which sometimes took several days to respond to customers’ queries.

What is Revolut Metal?

Revolut Metal is a travel-focused premium subscription plan that includes a metal debit card and offers a variety of unique features. These include a customizable metal debit card made from reinforced steel, increased (5%+) cashback on Stays, travel insurance, and discounted airport lounge access.

It also comes with commission-free stock trades and lower fees for investment products. It is an excellent option for investors looking for a new way to trade crypto without the hassle of high prices.

One of the biggest perks for travelers is the free international ATM withdrawals. This means you can withdraw money from ATMs in any country worldwide – as long as they accept Revolut Metal!

Another cool feature is Revolute’s conRevolut’srvice. You can use it to make dinner reservations, book flights, or even buy festival tickets. You can even send a message through the app and get an answer from a personal assistant. This is an excellent service for last-minute travelers!

What is Revolut Zero?

Revolut is an electronic money institution, a challenger bank that provides the services of a traditional bank without having to visit a branch. The companies appcompany’signed to adapt to your personal needs and to help you get more from your money.

Using Revolut means avoiding paying the high currency conversion fees that regular banks charge. It also posts to withdraw money from foreign ATMs without cost, which is a great thing to have when traveling abroad.

While currencies change daily, Revolut makes it easy to follow the exchange rate in real time and adjust your budget accordingly. It also allows you to set a limit and stop orders, which ensures that you only exchange the amount of money you need.

Revolut offers a range of account products and is accessible to most people, but if you want to unlock more features, it’s worth its monthly fee. These include access to higher account limits and new features like airport lounge access and travel insurance.

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