Social Marketing Surprises and Tips

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Social media cannot be quantified. False. It very certainly can. Even better, the tools for measuring them are all free. You employ traditional direct response and public relations measures such as outputs, outcomes, and objectives. Results are used to assess effectiveness and efficiency. How do I find the right cheap smm panel?

Outcomes track behavioral shifts. And targets compare direct product sales during the campaign to sales before. Google Analytics, Google Alerts, and back-link checkers are online resources that can assist with these statistics. You can also use your internal statistics for subscriber signups (through your email service provider) and sales (via your online shopping cart or e-commerce platform).

Do I need an ezine or a free newsletter for social marketing? False. You can have social media profiles without having a daily, weekly, or monthly ezine, but this is not ideal. You need the friend/follower/fan (Triple F’) email address with social media profiles. You leave comments and opinions that are amusing, strategic, or odd, but you don’t have a direct channel of communication with your Triple F. This email address is worth its weight in gold.

Having an email address for your prospects allows you to connect with them through compelling editorial and cross-sell them with tailored persuasive promotional material. If you don’t have this, you’re doing your company a disservice. A ‘profile stalker’ is not for everyone. Not every Triple F will visit your social media page regularly to resonate with your message or purchase your items genuinely. However, there is so much ‘noise’ on social media that you must get your Triple F’s email to ensure you are aware of it.

Twitter outperforms Facebook in terms of conversions. Again, false. Personally and for my clients, I’ve discovered that Facebook followers/fans convert better than Twitter followers/fans. For several reasons, I believe: Facebook has more significant character limits (420 or so per post) and various tools that allow you to say more, bond with your audience more, and sell more to them.

Twitter’s character limits (140 characters) make it tough to develop more than a superficial relationship with your audience by posting short and pithy blurbs here and then. Furthermore, have you ever noticed that most people’s ‘Following’ and ‘Followers’ figures are in the same or almost identical range? Because Twitter has more random followers who will ‘Follow’ almost anyone seeking a reciprocal follow.

Yes, you can configure your account with a security feature that requires you to authorize potential followers before they follow you. However, this is not standard practice (assuming your ultimate Twitter objective is not for business or promotion). With Facebook, you must first approve all friend requests, which allows you to qualify your audience. With both of these platforms, quality genuinely triumphs over quantity. I don’t encourage obsessing over the size of your friend or follower list; it’s better to have a small list that is responsive, interacts, and converts – than an extensive list that is uninterested in your messages.

It is acceptable to obtain an email address from a ‘friend’ or ‘network’ profile page on Facebook or LinkedIn and send promotional emails to them. Certainly not. Never. This is plain and straightforward spam. If you have yet to notice, your email address is visible to your network at the bottom of your Facebook information page or LinkedIn home page. This Facebook security setting can be visible to friends only, friends and friends, or everyone. It’s the same on LinkedIn.

Believe it or not, these solicitations for these people’s products began immediately after I accepted specific industry colleague requests. There were purely promotional emails. I suddenly realized I had never signed up for their ezine. And that happened just a few days after they accepted their request. I could only assume that these social media barracudas buddies targeted people (possible clients) and then utilized that access to view personal email addresses and spam away. This is not only nasty and unpleasant, but it also violates anti-spam policies. I quickly unfriended these people. However, exercise common sense and understand there are better ideas than this.

What are some tips for increasing your Twitter presence? First, maintain a consistent stream of useful, relevant, and entertaining Tweets. Hashtags (#) should be used with specific keywords. Make sure your Twitter bio is keyword-rich and relevant so that the correct people can read about you and follow you. Because space is restricted, use your descriptive keywords wisely.



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