The Best Features of the Lenovo Legion 5i Laptop


Whether you are looking for a new laptop or a replacement for your current one, there are some important aspects of the Lenovo Legion 5i that you will want to consider. These features include the CPU, the GPU, the memory, and the battery life.


Unlike last year’s Legion 5 Pro, the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro has a smaller size and slightly improved specs. The CPU and GPU maintain high clock rates, and the cooling system keeps the laptop cool. The new software package allows the Legion 5 Pro to automatically tune performance when a game launches, including specific tuning profiles for Fortnite and League of Legends.

Lenovo’s Legion 5i is built on 12th-generation Intel hardware. It has a quad-core Core-i5-10300H CPU, which can be boosted to 4.2 GHz for four cores. The CPU performs well when gaming and in multi-core applications. It scored 6240 points in multi-core performance on Cinebench R23. The CPU is also excellent for single-core performance.


Unlike other gaming laptops, the Lenovo Legion 5i comes with a dedicated Nvidia graphics chip. This means that you can play most games in high-quality settings, though some games might not run as smoothly on non-standard screen resolutions. In addition, Lenovo also offers an option to turn off the integrated GPU and run Intel’s integrated graphics instead.

The Legion’s CPU is a quad-core, Intel Alder Lake chip that clocks at 2.5GHz and has hyperthreading. It’s capable of running Cinebench R15 for 30 minutes, and it can run PCMark 10 Gaming for 1 hour and 15 minutes. It also offers a USB-C port that supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode and a USB-C PD port that can receive up to 135W of power.


Using an SSD is a great way to speed up your laptop and it is also a lot cheaper than a traditional hard drive. If you plan on doing this you will want to purchase a 2.5-inch SATA SSD as this is cheaper than a PCIe SSD.

You might be surprised to learn that there is a solid way to install an SSD in your Legion 5i 15 in the first place. To accomplish this you will need to open up your laptop and find the extra SSD slot.


Getting a new memory upgrade for your Lenovo Legion 5i is a great way to add more life to your laptop. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to add more memory.

You can purchase a kit of two 8GB sticks of RAM for $181. This is a competitive price and the RAM is reliable. The kit includes two SODIMM RAM slots, so you can upgrade to as much RAM as you want.

If you’re looking for a mid-range gaming laptop, the Lenovo Legion 5i is a solid choice. With the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, you can enjoy a high-performance gaming experience. Whether you’re playing a demanding game or browsing the web, you can expect excellent performance.


Whether you’re in the market for a high-end gaming rig or just looking to shake up your rig of choice, the Lenovo Legion 5i is the perfect fit. It has a bit of everything, including an impressive 165Hz QHD+ resolution panel, a nifty RGB backlit keyboard, and a standard set of audio out-processing capabilities. The Legion’s most premium model also includes a Thunderbolt 4 port and an HDMI port.

The Lenovo Legion 5i’s display is also an impressive feat of engineering, boasting a 500-nit high-end IPS panel in a chassis a mere millimeter thick. The aforementioned 165Hz panel also sports a proprietary AC port, allowing you to plug in a power adapter if you don’t want to be squinting at your screen.

Thermal module design

Designed for gaming, the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro packs the latest Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics. It comes with eight energy-efficient cores, plus a powerful GPU with 140 watts of power.

The Legion 5i Pro’s power brick is a bit heavy, at 1.15 kilos. It features a 300W power supply and a 135W USB-C charger. The lid features a small projection for the webcam, located on the right side of the laptop.

The Legion 5i Pro has two SSD slots. Each is covered by a metal heat sink. The RAM slots are also covered. The two RAM slots use the same cooling system as the SSD slots.

Battery life

Whether you’re a gamer or just a productivity enthusiast, the Lenovo Legion 5i has a lot to offer. It has a great display, a responsive keyboard, and plenty of ports.

The Lenovo Legion 5i is available in a variety of models with Intel and AMD processors. The Intel models are priced at around $900. The AMD models start at around $899. Lenovo also offers two battery options, an 80 Wh Li-polymer battery and a 60 Wh Li-polymer battery.

The Legion 5i has a clamshell form factor, which is practical for gamers. It also has a 720p webcam and a kill switch, which means you can stop your computer from booting up if you want to watch a movie or have a conversation with someone.

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