The Best Software Development Companies in Las Vegas


Are You Searching for Software Development Companies in Las Vegas? Below are the best options available to you. These firms will assist in designing websites or mobile apps to expand your business.

Before searching for a company, it is crucial that you have an accurate understanding of your needs. This will enable you to get a more accurate quote and guarantee quality products.

Attract Group

Attract Group offers an array of software development services and products, specializing in web and mobile application development for businesses.

They offer marketing and e-commerce solutions, working closely with their clients throughout each project phase.

They provide services to both well-established businesses and smaller startups. Their team specializes in DevOps and cloud services, UI/UX design, web development, online marketing campaigns, and Flutter app development.


Chetu offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and products, spanning process and systems design, package implementation and custom development projects, business intelligence reporting capabilities, and integration testing maintenance support.

This company also provides mobile app development for iOS and Android operating systems, and their developers create e-commerce software applications to market clients’ products and services on various shopping platforms.

These solutions aim to increase clients’ online presence, expand customer bases and unify management structures. They work with businesses from various industries including food, travel, education healthcare, and manufacturing.

Infurm Technologies

Infurm Technologies of Las Vegas offers an array of cloud-based services to local and national clients. Their offerings span network security, IT management, and cloud computing – among others – with over 30 awards won since 2007. Infurm Technologies also specializes in custom software development for its high-profile clientele such as Apple and Samsung; with a top-of-the-line cloud computing solution boasting a user-friendly user interface enabling easy management from any location.

Juego Studios

Juego Studios boasts an incredible team of 300+ game artists and designers who have collaborated on top games for major brands. Offering comprehensive development services across mobile, NFT, and metaverse PC web platforms – they deliver end-to-end game production for their clients.

Game art outsourcing company provides a range of art and design services, such as 2D animation, environment, and storyboarding services. Their talented game artist team excels in producing striking art assets for 2D and 3D games with experience working on demanding projects.

Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto IT Solutions is an award-winning eCommerce agency with deep expertise in B2B, B2C, B2B2C, D2C, and retail enterprise commerce. Their headless commerce platform and PIM core development services deliver seamless solutions. Furthermore, Magneto’s consulting experts specialize in mobile app development for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers – offering headless commerce platforms and PIM core development as well as expert consulting for mobile application development services for manufacturing distribution wholesale retail businesses.

They operate offices in Las Vegas, USA; India, and Bahrain with over 75+ developers on staff and have worked for leading brands like Rockwell Trading, Lynkd Decor Aid Traffic NYC Elitescreens Membrandt Featherdown among many others.


Opennolgy, located in Las Vegas, provides a variety of services and products, such as software development and website/graphic design. Their team of over 30 IT enthusiasts specializes in custom-built apps for applications, websites, and mobile phones; as well as offering full IT management and support to local small businesses in the Vegas metro area and beyond. Their software-focused responsibilities include developing an app to manage mobile devices while building websites targeted to specific target demographics while offering backup, maintenance, and security solutions in an increasingly digitalized world.

WhiteStar Labs

WhiteStar Labs of Las Vegas provides custom software development services and products, using technologies such as JavaScript, Python, iOS, and Android, to develop apps that help their clients expand their businesses.

This company also offers process consulting, quality assurance, and application lifecycle management to ensure the success of their projects. With an experienced team that delivers cutting-edge technologies directly to clients – and proven experience designing and creating innovative apps across a variety of industries from financial to food to education – their clients receive world-class technology services from them.


Mavecca provides custom software development, e-commerce store building and maintenance, advisory services, research studies, and creative services.

Mavecca provides businesses and tech visionaries with assistance navigating digital commerce’s ever-evolving terrain. Since 2016, this company has managed UX design, digital strategy, and development projects for Kraft Heinz, Ferrari, Volvo, and H&M among many other notable clients.

Mavecca works to help clients ensure scalability, security, and consistency across data sets and touch points in their omnichannel experiences. Furthermore, they work with larger B2B organizations to develop a stronger digital presence without disrupting existing sales channels.

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