The Best Sweet Shops in Oakland


Oakland is the perfect destination for sweet tooths. From delectable pastries and delicious bread to nostalgic candies from every era, Oakland truly has something for everyone in this town.

You’ll feel like a kid at Powell’s Sweet Shoppe on College Avenue again. With over 6,000 confections, including Abba-Zabas and gelato of every flavor, this College Avenue shop has something to please everyone’s sweet tooth.

Le Bonbon

Le Bonbon, located in Oakland’s Montclair neighborhood, offers an extensive selection of candy and confections. Here you’ll find classic treats like chocolate-covered pretzels, caramelized almond turtles, and fudge.

It offers an extensive selection of imported chocolates and candies in its European-style confection boutique setting.

On the left side of the store, they feature a counter filled with exquisite chocolate creations made by Michael Mischer. Their fillings range from Liliikoi (Hawaiian passion fruit) to roasted apple to orange togarashi (a Japanese blend of seaweed and spices).

Michael Mischer’s right wall displays a selection of bars with vibrant fillings poking out of the silky brown chocolate. Prices range from $3.25 to $10, and flavors include dragon fruit and blueberry, cayenne spiced mango, orange, and togarashi.

The Candy

This European-style shop offers both homemade chocolates and imported favorites. Plus, they have a wall of bulk candies to please kids and adults alike!

Candy is the ideal place to find that perfect present for someone special or treat yourself. It boasts a self-serve candy wall, an impressive oversized candy bar, and an adorable selection of miniature mugs perfect for kids.

They offer plenty of sugar-free candies and an impressive selection of gumballs and other funky treats. It’s the perfect place to find something tasty for your next party or school event.

Shane Confectionary offers many other intriguing attractions, like a historical timeline that chronicles their journey from 1863 to today. Not only that, but their store boasts the highest ceiling in Oakland – make sure you stop by for a look around and sample some of Oakland’s most exciting desserts!

Oaktown Spice Shop

Oaktown Spice Shop, established in 2011 on Grand Ave, quickly became a cornerstone of the neighborhood. John Beaver and Erica Perez have expanded from one location to two (Oakland and Albany), providing customers with an updated take on an old apothecary experience.

Their extensive collection of spices and blends is sourced from around the globe and carefully ground in-house to guarantee their products are of the highest quality. Green cardamom, for instance, has a delicate floral taste that adds sweetness to sweet treats like pastries and desserts.

Oaktown Spice Shop is the perfect stop for errands or picking up some kitchen supplies. It’s no surprise that Food & Wine Magazine named Oaktown Spice Shop one of the world’s best, as you’ll want to return time after time! A cheerful apothecary-style shop you’ll want to visit again and again!

Fentons Creamery

Fentons Creamery, an iconic Oakland ice cream shop, has been delighting generations of locals with its homemade sundaes and whipped topping. Each dish uses only premium ingredients, including house-made ice cream, fresh-whipped topping, and delicious sauces.

Elbridge Seth Fenton founded the Creamery in 1910; however, it was sold to the Wallner Group in the 1950s and bought by a local investment firm in 1987. Scott Whidden and C. Jay Hollander took control of Creamery by breaking away from its employee union in 1987.

Fentons, a beloved neighborhood institution, offers classic flavors and creative creations. For example, their Toasted Almond ice cream is infused with walnuts, while Rocky Road uses almonds in its chocolate ice cream base.

Fentons Ice Cream Shop also serves a selection of sandwiches, burgers, salads, and coffee and tea options. The savory treats are just as delectable as their sweet counterparts!


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