Top 5 Software Development Companies in Detroit


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Detroit relies on outdated and subpar information technology systems for the basic city administration, placing citizens’ safety and security at risk, according to Beth Niblock, its chief information officer who testified Monday during a bankruptcy trial.

One Team US LLC

One Team US LLC of Troy, Michigan offers custom software development and e-commerce solutions to midsize companies across a variety of industries.

They created a web portal for one client that features document storage, communications tracking, queue functionality, and queue management features. Furthermore, they created mobile applications for iOS and Android that enable users to enter information easily.

Visionary Media

Since 1995, Visionary Media has employed an 11-member team specializing in user experience (UI/UX) design services and website layout. Furthermore, Fusionary offers business process automation as well as enterprise app integration solutions.

An attractive website design can help build brand recognition, strengthen customer relationships, and generate new leads – but do you have the necessary tools to make your site truly shine? Visionary Media has both the technology and experience needed to make your business more efficient.

Atomic Objects

Atomic objects are the only types in C++ that do not exhibit data races; that is, if one thread writes to an atomic while another thread reads from it simultaneously, their behavior remains well-defined.

Accesses to atomic objects may provide inter-thread synchronization and order non-atomic memory accesses as specified by std::memory_order. Additionally, some atomic operations serve as synchronization operations that may include release semantics, acquire semantics, or total sequentially consistent ordering (similar to using memory_order_seq_cst).

CR Software Solutions

CR Software Solutions designs digital experiences for ambitious companies. Working closely with clients, CR creates custom websites powered by data, web applications to automate workflows and accomplish business tasks, as well as digital marketing campaigns designed to increase website traffic and conversions.

CR Essentials (formerly Behaviorsoft) is an all-in-one secure ABA software solution designed to give small independent ABA providers the tools needed to effectively manage HR processes like credential tracking and pay rate assignments, payroll reporting, certification tracking, etc. Furthermore, staff can utilize an integrated calendar to schedule client appointments with no overlap in hours; clinical staff can record daily progress notes using eSign capabilities and keep an audit trail for every bill code authorized through CR Essentials.

Denovo Studios

Denovo Studios is a web and mobile app development company located in Detroit, United States that provides an expansive suite of solutions. Their exceptional software solutions have been enjoyed by thousands of global users around the globe; clients enjoy quality applications with beautiful user interfaces. Their expertise includes Xamarin mobile app development; they also offer rapid prototyping, web app development, and enterprise application development services to their clients.

Kunz Leigh & Associates

Kunz Leigh & Associates is a custom software development company, that creates powerful applications for desktop, web, and mobile devices. Their employee’s number over 1,200 and they are based out of Lathrup Village in Michigan. For more information about them and what makes them tick – like customer service, apparel offerings or any of the many other features worth checking out their top-rated website provides more insight.


VisionIT provides IT-managed services and talent management solutions to Fortune 500 companies, mid-size corporations, state, and local government agencies as well as state/local government agencies. Their solutions focus on infrastructure solutions, application solutions, and mobility services.

The company employs less than 50 people who serve clients from diverse industries. One state health services branch hired them to develop a web app with data-rich charts and tables for research purposes.

HTC Global Services

HTC Global of Troy, Michigan is an innovative technology company on the rise. Their creative approach to customer and employee care can be seen through their outstanding employee retention rates. Their offerings include an award-winning cloud services platform that enables the delivery of services anywhere at any time – providing clients with unparalleled customer experiences.

Brilliant Chemistry

Brilliant Chemistry is a technology and ideation studio with a distinct platform designed to revolutionize how companies recruit. They helped DWM and Great Recruiters create Catalyst, an on-demand hiring solution that helps organizations leverage more talent effectively.

Aspen Hysys is one of the go-to process simulation tools for chemical engineers, providing mass and energy balance calculations as well as vapor-liquid equilibrium, heat transfer, and kinetics calculations.


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