Top Cities to Live in India


There are many advantages of living in India. The country has a variety of climates, cuisine, and a diverse population, so finding a place that suits your needs is a breeze. You can find an affordable apartment in a large city or rent a small apartment in a rural area.

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New Delhi

There are several reasons why New Delhi is one of the top cities to make your home. One of the most obvious reasons is that it is the capital of India. However, living in this city also means accessing various cultural and historical sites. The city is also one of the most commercial in northern India, with a wide range of dining and shopping options.

Rent is lower than in other cities. One-bedroom apartments can be found for as little as 5,000 INR, while a two-bedroom apartment can cost anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 INR. It is also highly connected, with several nearby railway stations, bus lines, and airports.


In the latest edition of the Ease of Living Index, Bengaluru was named the best big city in India. While the city is notorious for its traffic, it scores highly on several parameters that make it the best city to live in. This article looks at a few reasons why Bengaluru is such a great place to live.

Education is one of the top reasons Bengaluru is such an excellent place to live. The city is home to some of the best schools in India, including Inventure Academy and The Valley School. Its decent climate and law and order make it a great place to live.


One of the top cities to live in in India is Surat, which is also known as the diamond and textile capital of the country. This city has low crime rates and is growing at a rapid pace. Surat is also known for its delicious food, beautiful beaches, and handicrafts. In addition, basic facilities like electricity, water, and sanitation are relatively better here than in other parts of the country.

The city is home to several top universities and colleges and a renowned law college called Auro. The municipality is the wealthiest in India, and the city’s economy is well-established. Surat is a great place for students and professionals, as the population is diverse and affordable.


There are numerous advantages of living in Noida. This city has good connectivity, excellent public services, and affordable residential properties. In addition, its residential areas are safe, with security cameras running round the clock. These neighborhoods also offer a good mix of amenities, from parks to gyms. Excellent shopping malls and schools also surround them.

Its residential areas are mainly aimed at bachelor and working professionals. Sectors 15 and 22 have excellent residential options for bachelors and families, with plenty of affordable housing options. The areas are also connected to the rest of the city by road and metro. For those looking to relocate, there are several good packing and moving companies in Noida Sector 39.

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