Top Mobile App Development Companies

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Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative criteria, GoodFirms evaluates the world’s top mobile app development companies. Factors such as the app developers’ experience, market reach, and skills are considered in the research process. Client reviews are also considered to determine the quality of services and results.

Mobulous is a mobile app development company.

Mobulous is a one-stop solution for all your mobile app development needs. They provide comprehensive application design, integration, and management services. They also offer in-depth market analysis and domain expertise. As a result, they can help you establish and maintain your leadership in your market.

Mobulous is an award-winning creative agency that has developed over 400 products across various domains. They’re ISO 9001:2015-certified and have won numerous startup awards. They have delivered exceptional business solutions worldwide and have worked with companies such as Danik Bhaskar and Indiamart. They’ve also helped multiple startups secure funding.

Claritus Consulting is a mobile app development company.

Claritus Consulting is a mobile app design and development company that offers a full range of services. Its staff is skilled in using a variety of cutting-edge technologies. Their team is dedicated to delivering scalable solutions and adhering to strict coding standards. They have built over 250 apps and have worked with companies in various industries.

Claritus was founded in 2008 and is privately held. It is supported by pragmatic serial entrepreneurs and is based in India. It offers a comprehensive range of IT outsourcing services to businesses. Its team is composed of industry experts and has a mature talent pool. Moreover, the firm has the expertise and infrastructure to deliver large-scale projects.

Sonia is a mobile app development company.

Sonin is an award-winning mobile app development company that focuses on building products and platforms for mobile users. They make both Android and iOS apps as well as web applications. Their goal is to help leading businesses increase their reach with the help of mobile technology. The company’s process includes discovery workshops to define the business’s goals and outline steps for design and development.

The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has a global clientele. Using a mobile-first approach, the team at Sonin works closely with the client’s team to design and develop a custom mobile app. The mobile-first development method allows the team to create quality products in a short period. In addition, Sony’s engineers are driven by their passion for technology and understand the business needs of their clients. As a result, they’re constantly thinking up new ways to make solutions more effective.

Lexus is a mobile app development company.

Lexus is a mobile app development and custom software development company that helps companies develop custom software and mobile apps. The company has over 90 experienced developers who have helped startups, midsize companies, and established enterprises build their applications. We are experts at analyzing user needs and delivering solutions that increase conversion and revenue.

Founded in 2013, Itexus brings together a team of engineers, software architects, and entrepreneurs. These professionals have the skills to develop any software solution, regardless of size, scope, or complexity. Their team has proven effective at leading projects and completing projects on time and within budget. In addition, they provide development teams as a service, enabling startups and SMEs to benefit from Itexus’s agile approach and advanced project management. They are also committed to ensuring project alignment.

Blue Label Labs is a mobile app development company.

The Blue Label Labs app development company specializes in creating cutting-edge mobile applications that will have a long shelf-life. Their team includes local, national, and international app development talent. In addition to its in-house team of developers, Blue Label Labs also offers marketing and branding services.

The company has developed hundreds of applications for various industries, including Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. They also specialize in hybrid development, web development, and mobile app testing. They have four offices across the world and work with over 150 companies.

ArcTouch is a mobile app development company.

One of the world’s most innovative app development companies, ArcTouch develops apps for startups, pioneering brands, and Fortune 500 companies. The company focuses on user experience and innovation. Its app development services help brands build Alexa skills, understand IoT, and experience augmented reality.

The company was founded by two former Apple employees, Eric Shapiro and Adam Fingerman. At the time, both entrepreneurs were working on iPhone app ideas. In 2009, when the calendar turned to 2010, the pair got serious and began hiring engineers. Their first hire was Paulo Michels, who would later become EVP of engineering.

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