Waterproof Jacket Reviews


When it comes to buying a waterproof jacket, there are several factors to consider. You should check the rating, material, breathable capabilities, and packability. These factors will help you make the best purchase possible. You can also consider using a coupon to purchase the jacket if you have a budget.


Choosing the material of a waterproof jacket is one of the most critical steps in keeping yourself warm and dry. There are several types of materials that offer a range of breathability. The fabric’s breathability depends on the atmospheric conditions. When it’s windy and rainy, choosing a fabric that will allow air to circulate freely is essential.

The waterproof fabric must be adequately treated. Avoid ironing on it, which will ruin its protective properties. Instead, use a technical cleaning solution like Nikwax Tech Wash. The fabric should be washed on a gentle 30oC cycle. Never use detergents, fabric softeners, or dry cleaning products on it.


A waterproof jacket’s water resistance and breathability are two essential components of its performance. Manufacturers rate their products according to these two factors, using two different numbers to describe the waterproof and breathability of the material. The higher the number, the more water-resistant the jacket is. A waterproof coat with a 5,000mm rating can handle up to 5 meters of water without leaking or becoming unbreathable.

The most durable water-resistant jackets are three layers. They have a waterproof membrane and an inner lining. While this may add bulk to the coat, it improves its durability and moisture wicking. These jackets tend to cost more but are usually made from higher-end materials.


Waterproof breathable jackets can help prevent overheating. Breathable fabrics are made with a breathable layer and tiny pores that allow water vapour to escape. These materials are also thin, so they should be kept clean to improve airflow. Waterproof garments that are too dirty to breathe will compromise their waterproofing properties.

Breathability is a crucial feature when selecting a waterproof jacket for your child. Children’s bodies are different from adults’ and tend to move more rapidly. This means that they may be warmer or colder than adults. This makes the breathability of waterproof jackets even more critical. Children’s clothing is likely to get dirty or torn easily, so a durable, easily-washable coat is essential.

Waterproof jackets with a high breathability rating allow water vapour from your skin to pass through without leaving behind any clamminess. This will keep you dry even during long mountain days. The breathability of a waterproof jacket is measured in grams per square meter per 24 hours, and the higher the number, the better the breathability.


Packability is a vital feature to look for in a waterproof jacket. Some jackets are bulky, and storing them away can be a pain. Lighter jackets are easier to keep, and they are also more comfortable and windproof. In addition, packable jackets are more versatile and will fit in your pocket or backpack.

A waterproof jacket’s packability is determined by several factors, including the material used. The most durable jackets will use nylon or polyester face fabric. Lighter face fabric is prone to tears and abrasion, while a heavier material is more durable. Most jackets are made from a 30D to 50D face fabric. Look for a ripstop weave on the fabric, which means the fabric is doubled at regular intervals. This creates a grid of solid fibres that prevents tears from growing.

Packable rain jackets can also be incredibly lightweight. The best lightweight waterproof jackets can protect you from a downpour while remaining barely noticeable when the sun comes out. This means you can move faster.


The price of a waterproof jacket depends on several factors, most notably the fabric technology and construction details used to make it. The more robust features a jacket has, the more expensive it will be. Another factor that affects the price is weight. A lightweight jacket will have fewer extra features, but it will likely be less expensive. In addition, a waterproof jacket must have fully taped seams to be considered waterproof.

One popular waterproof jacket is the Rab Downpour Plus 2.0, which costs about $185 and has excellent features. Its waterproof rating is 10K, protecting you against light moisture without being too bulky. This jacket also has helmet compatibility, which makes it a good option for active cyclists. The price is slightly higher than the Columbia Watertight or REI Groundbreaker, but it is a good option if you want an inexpensive rain jacket.

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