What Can You Expect From the Samsung Galaxy A21s?


Whether you’re new to smartphone or looking for a replacement, it’s always important to do your research. The more you know, the more likely you are to make a good purchase. So what can you expect from the Samsung Galaxy A21s?


Despite being a new entrant in the mid-range smartphone market, the Samsung Galaxy A21s has a lot going for it. One of the most notable features is the company’s new and improved chipset. This new processor is called the Exynos 850. Powered by this chipset, the A21s features a 48 MP primary camera, a 2 MP macro, and a 2 MP depth sensor.

Samsung’s new mid-range phone is equipped with a new bezel-less Infinity O-Display, which is designed to allow the screen to be used from edge to edge. This new display is also capable of displaying HD video. It also features a curved display, which helps it to display content in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It has a pixel density of 294 PPI.

Besides the Infinity O-display, the Galaxy A21s also features a 5000mAh non-removable battery. It will support fast charging of up to 15W. It also comes with a fingerprint scanner on the back. This fingerprint scanner will help protect the device’s contents and data.


Whether you are buying a Samsung Galaxy A21s or other smartphone, you want to know how to protect your screen. A broken screen can ruin your phone’s usability. It is also a health hazard.

Most smartphones are able to withstand submersion in water for a short period of time. However, it is important to remember that the screen is the most vulnerable part of your phone.

The screen on your Samsung Galaxy A21s will start showing signs of wear and tear if it has not been protected. You can protect the display by installing a screen protector. These screen protectors help to keep dirt and grease from accumulating on the screen. This will also help to protect the value of your device.

The Samsung Galaxy A21s features a 6.5 inch Infinity-O Display. This is a wide display that can fit all of the content on the screen from edge to edge.


Whether you’re a pro photographer or just a casual snapper, the Samsung Galaxy A21s is a smartphone that will suit your photography needs. The phone offers four cameras on the back and a single camera on the front. The Samsung A21s is designed for good colour reproduction and low noise.

The Samsung A21s features a high-res 48MP camera on the main camera. This high-res mode is hard to find and takes extra time to capture. Images taken in this mode are large, but they don’t look very good. However, they are still usable and can be edited.

The Samsung Galaxy A21s also comes with an 8MP ultrawide camera. This camera is ideal for taking a wide view of landscapes and group shots. This camera is equipped with an f/2.2 lens, a 123-degree field of view, and a fixed focus. It also uses a Samsung ISOCELL 1/4″ sensor with 1.12um pixels.

Battery life

Despite being a mid-range phone, the Galaxy A21s boasts a huge battery capacity. With a 4,900 mAh battery, the phone can go for more than two days between charges. The battery isn’t the only reason the phone lasts so long, but it’s one of the main reasons that makes the phone so great.

The battery has a Lithium-ion core that maximizes battery life. Samsung has also optimized the screen to improve battery life. This means that the screen’s resolution is lower, boosting performance.

Samsung’s Exynos 850 processor also contributes to good battery life. The processor has 8 Cortex-A55 cores and a dedicated Mali-G52 GPU. It uses an 8-nm process node to increase efficiency.

The Galaxy A21s is a 6.5-inch smartphone with a PLS display. It features a Delta E of 4.23 and covers 73% of the sRGB color gamut. This results in a maximum luminance of 553 cd/m2. It has a good viewing angle.


Getting your Samsung Galaxy A21s to run well can be a challenge, especially when you’re dealing with a sluggish processor. To get your phone to run faster, you’ll need to free up some space by removing apps you don’t use, as well as those that don’t offer any useful features. You can also try using lite versions of popular apps to improve your phone’s performance.

Apps like InShot and Snapseed are easy to use, and offer some of the best photo editing features for your Samsung Galaxy A21s. They also provide features like speed adjustments, speed modes, and editing tools.

PowerDirector is a video editing app that is easy to use and offers tons of filters and effects. It also provides templates and a chrome-key feature. It’s also easy to create a multi-track timeline with this app.

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