How to Customize Smash Karts 3Kh0


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Customize your kart

Once you’ve unwrapped your new kart, the possibilities for customization become limitless. From adding various power-ups like rockets and invincibility shields to adding headlights or bumpers or customizing with new wheels and paint jobs; customization possibilities abound!

Begin by building a jig for the frame. This is a straightforward way of keeping all the parts together as you work on them; use plywood or MDF sheet as necessary and it makes the process much easier. Draw the full-sized kart frame and place all pieces on it to ensure they fit securely, leaving space for the motor, seat, and axles before marking down the center line, which will serve as a reference when measuring measurements or angles.

Once your jig is completed, the next step should be welding new components onto your existing kart frame. Be careful not to overheat any weld areas as this could cause them to warp and become unstable; practicing welds on scrap wood can help prepare you for starting on your actual kart.

Start by opening SZS Modifier and going directly to the kart BRRES that needs updating. Then, import an OBJ file and erase its existing body. Next, drag your body from Jig and drop it into Hierarchy; now it’s ready for playback!

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