How to Watch NFL Games on Samsung TV


Use the NFL app on your Samsung TV to stream NFL games. To install it a participating provider and an Activation Code are needed for installation.

Step One of this process is simple. Sign in with your Samsung account by providing your email ID, password, and DOB. Step Two requires signing into a Samsung account using these details:

How to install the app

The NFL app on Samsung TV allows fans to experience all 32 NFL games live throughout their seasons and video-on-demand content for missed matches, breaking news about your favorite teams, and real-time notifications to keep you up to date with scores and highlights – making this an excellent way to maximize football fans’ experiences.

You can stream NFL games on Samsung Smart TVs using the official NFL app, and other streaming services offer NFL game streams,, such as Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and FuboTV. Each service provides NFL games; most offer subscription options that enable you to stream the entire league, while others allow users to watch individual matches or record them for later viewing.

Step one in installing the NFL app onto your Samsung Smart TV involves signing in with your Samsung account if you already have one; otherwise, registering an account for free at the Samsung website can help get things underway. Step two involves searching the Samsung Apps Store for “NFL,” selecting and following its instructions until the installation is completed on your television screen.

Samsung TV Plus provides the quickest way to watch NFL games on TV. This service comes standard on most Samsung Smart TVs and contains over 100 channels – including NFL Network! Search “Popular” in the main menu to quickly locate it, or use your phone as a remote to mirror its screen to a Samsung TV!

To set this up, connect both devices to the same WiFi network, launch the NFL App on your phone, and press Home on your Samsung TV before tapping the Cast icon – choose your Samsung TV name as desired and give permission for streaming content to your big screen TV then enjoy your football matches live!

How to watch NFL games

Samsung Smart TV users can easily watch NFL games using the NFL app on their phones connected to the same WiFi network as their television screen. Once connected, mirror or cast your smartphone’s screen using Samsung’s Smart Things app and stream live action of NFL games directly onto your television screen while keeping up with schedule updates and reruns of clips!

Make watching NFL games on your Samsung TV possible without a cable subscription by subscribing to streaming service providers such as Hulu, Sling TV, or YouTube TV – some even offering cloud DVR capability for future matches! For CHOICE subscribers, FuboTV and DirecTV Stream also include NFL networks in their sports packs.

Additionally, other means exist for watching NFL games on your Samsung TV. A Chromecast device lets you stream content directly from your phone onto television – open up its app and tap the “cast icon in the upper right corner.” Select a TV device from the list. Alternatively, an external streaming device such as Roku can also help stream NFL games.

First, create an account for optimal use of the NFL app on a Samsung TV. This is required to unlock its full features and access NFL content. To create one, visit Samsung’s website and sign in using your email ID, password, DOB, and sign-in method.

Once registered, you can watch all the games on your Samsung TV with exclusive content such as news and analysis snippets, classic archived NFL tapes, and live broadcasts of games – perfect if you want to follow your team closely!

How to access NFL Game Pass

There are various methods to watch live NFL games on Samsung Smart TV. First, ensure your TV is connected to a stable internet connection. Next, navigate the Smart Hub of your TV and access its App section; from there, you can locate and install the NFL Game Pass app – once done, you can stream and enjoy live matches! Alternatively, you can watch these matches through other services such as YouTube TV, FuboTV, or Sling TV.

Once you subscribe to NFL Game Pass, you’ll gain access to full game replays, condensed game replays, All-22 footage (coaches’ film), as well as live NFL games that you can stream directly onto most devices with their app – plus live game coverage of some type is always included with subscription!

Purchase an NFL Game Pass via their official website or cable provider – the cost varies based on your residence. In addition, sign up for their 7-day free trial pack now!

The National Football League will kick off its 104th season on September 7, 2023, and Samsung Smart TV owners can use the NFL app to watch live games via screen mirroring or other streaming services. If you’re a football fan, you can use Samsung’s NFL App on their TV for live game viewing! If no cable subscription exists, screen mirroring could still work to watch live NFL action!

A valid Samsung account with email, password, and date of birth must be established to download the NFL app onto a Samsung Smart TV. The NFL app can be installed successfully after agreeing to its Terms of Service and entering your first and last name.

The NFL App is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs manufactured since 2016 and older Samsung models through screen mirroring – you need an Internet connection and an Android device that supports screen mirroring to access it.

How to find your favorite games

Are You an NFL Fan with a Samsung Smart TV? Multiple options are available to watch your favorite games, from streaming services providing full NFL game replays and on-demand replays to Samsung TV Plus offering NFL Network channels and other sports and entertainment content.

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to stream NFL games on Samsung TV is using the NFL app, available on most Samsung Smart TVs and accessible by logging in with your email address and password at Samsung’s website. You can download it by registering an account for free – this service simplifies accessing your favorite NFL matches!

Your Samsung Smart TV also allows you to access the NFL App by connecting your smartphone directly to it and mirroring its screen onto it. This way, you can watch from any room in your house – ensure that both Wi-Fi networks are aligned – otherwise, video quality may suffer significantly.

Hulu or YouTube TV offers another method for watching NFL games on Samsung TV: they offer various channels, including ESPN. Not only can these services offer live football matches, but they also provide replays from past games and exclusive content.

Before using the NFL app on Samsung TV, you must keep a few key details in mind. First, sign in with your Samsung account using your email ID, password, and date of birth; next, select which device will access the app. Once chosen, it will start downloading automatically onto your television set.

No matter your NFL fanaticism or interest level, the Samsung TV app provides a convenient way to watch all the action at home from your couch. Easy installation makes this application invaluable while offering access to many NFL content and games.