Is Your Dog Reincarnated?


As with every living organism, dogs are believed to reincarnate when their duties have been completed and will wait patiently until it’s their time.

“A Dog’s Purpose,” an Oscar-nominated movie, depicts this theme when Bailey the retriever returns home four times over 60 years.

Signs of Reincarnation

Reincarnation is a hotly debated subject among religions. While some adhere strongly to its belief, others disagree and do not take part in discussing it. Even though much has been written on this topic of reincarnation – with people even claiming their pets have been reborn! – many theories exist about its possibility – do our beloved canine friends genuinely possess the capacity to return to new bodies after death?

Every living organism possesses a life force or soul, an energy source that gives vitality and then merges back into cosmic forces at death. Even microorganisms and trees have this same life force. Many cultures believe that animals and plants possess souls that reincarnate into other types of organisms as well as humans, which some cultures believe reincarnate into one form after death; the concept is often accepted within Hinduism and Buddhism but not by Western monotheistic religions.

Reincarnation is widely believed to be an ancient method for the souls of animals and humans to gain new experiences and wisdom and make amends for past mistakes or sins. If people have not gained enough understanding and knowledge from past lives, they may reincarnate into lower forms, such as insects or animals, such as dogs.

According to popular belief, those harmed may reincarnate into higher life forms, such as human babies or even birds with more knowledge and wisdom than ordinary human souls.

Reincarnation is central to Anthroposophy, a spiritual movement founded by Rudolf Steiner. According to this belief, individual personalities develop through interactions with different eras and races. Steiner believed that souls strive to find family lines that fit their character traits and weaknesses and help achieve any goals set out by previous lives.

How to Detect Reincarnation

Religions and belief systems worldwide believe all living organisms reincarnate, from microorganisms to trees. Reincarnation occurs when part of an organism’s soul leaves its body upon death and returns in another form, such as an animal, human, plant, or even spaceship – those who believe in reincarnation may recall prior lives they lived or are even aware that this process occurs.

As it is believed, when a dog passes on, their soul returns to its origin in the universe. Under certain conditions, this fragment can reincarnate in another dog, human, or plant body – creating a lasting legacy.

If you had a strong bond with a dog that passed on, it may be possible for you to identify their presence again in some form or fashion after they have died. Signs of reincarnated pets include hearing their name in your mind or seeing or sensing their presence near where you saw them before, sensing scent, being led back to similar places from where they existed before, as well as experiencing personality traits like curiosity, stubbornness or mischievousness from them in some capacity.

Signs that a reincarnated pet exists include their desire to play or take walks in places they once enjoyed playing in previous lives, strong attachment to specific objects or foods from that past life, and mutual attraction between themselves and you in their new form.

Based on their karma, people and animals may reincarnate into various forms in their next lifetime. For instance, those engaging in harmful gossip will most likely reincarnate into their next lives as dogs; those eating treif meat regularly may reincarnate into non-kosher animals instead.

Though there is no concrete proof of reincarnation, many have experienced signs and believe their beloved pets have returned to their lives in some other form. If this sounds familiar, speak with a professional psychic, and they may help connect you with them and facilitate communication.

Pet Psychics to Help

Pet psychics, or “animal communicators,” as they prefer to be known, utilize Reiki, electromagnetic energy reading, and telepathy to communicate with animals. While domesticated pets such as dogs, cats, and birds often come into their sights first for communication purposes, pet psychics frequently speak with more exotic critters like snakes and even elephants at Tampa Zoo!

Pet psychics who discover their psychic talents often become pet psychics. They utilize various techniques to understand each animal’s specific needs, often focusing on domesticated pets that experience separation anxiety or grieve a loss.

Pet psychics’ abilities to communicate with animals make them invaluable when an animal passes. Pet psychics can often speak with their pet on the other side and let owners know that their pet is safe, that their journey has progressed, and where to look for his/her reincarnated pet, for example, by providing clues such as names, places, or behaviors.

Reincarnation can be confusing for pet owners, and it may take time to adjust. Pet psychics should work closely with owners to help ease this transition by explaining that their animal is okay and experiencing no pain or sadness at this moment in time.

When a pet is ready to pass, they usually alert their owner between 24 and 48 hours before dying. At that point, they may begin distancing themselves further as their journey into spiritual energy nears completion and often look directly at their owner to let them know they are readying themselves to depart this earthly life. They will often stare at them in an attempt to tell them of this impending event.

Animals reconnected with their owners can be overcome with joy when reborn into new lives – sometimes even having memorable and entertaining encounters on television shows like Laura Stinchfield’s Pet Parapsychologist Show, where Laura often hosts animal spirits from beyond her vision to interact with as they transition back into physical form.

Finding Your Reincarnated Dog

No matter your view on reincarnation, a recently deceased pet can return in some form or another – there have been reports from people who believe in it being possible, as well as several books written about the subject by experts. If you believe in it yourself, sure signs could signal whether or not your beloved companion has indeed returned as part of a reincarnated form.

One of the telltale signs is experiencing deja vu when meeting new pets. You might remember your time together coming flooding back even when not thinking about your former companion at that very moment, or notice similarities between your new animal and its deceased predecessor, such as body language, fears or anxieties that seem familiar, behavior such as urinating in certain spots or personality traits such as curiosity or stubbornness.

Dreams or visions may also help reveal reincarnated pets; for example, you might feel an instantaneous connection to a shelter dog that looks just like your former companion, or maybe you see them again in store windows or when walking your old companion. When they appear, it seems as if they have always been part of your life; your bond seems more vital than ever, and time seems to slip away as your world turns in a circle around you both.

Note that reincarnated pets won’t precisely resemble your old pet as souls are immortal and will continue reincarnating into different bodies until they find one that matches up perfectly with them – this can make it hard to spot, but once you do, it will be an extraordinary experience!

Heartbroken pet parents unwittingly bring back their deceased companion through reincarnation. This can happen simply by continuing to think about and wish for them or consulting a psychic who can connect with your dead dog’s spirit and assist in finding its way home.