Paint Correction Near Me in New York


Comprehensive paint correction processes aim to address and diminish vehicle surface imperfections such as swirl marks, automated car wash marring, fine scratches, water spots, and etching from bird droppings.

This detailing service utilizes machine polishers and various-graded pads to effectively refine a vehicle’s clear coat, revealing accurate reflections that increase its value and boost its worth.

KS Detailing & Ceramic Coating

KS Detailing & Ceramic Coating of North New Hyde Park, NY, offers automotive detailing services specializing in paint correction and ceramic coating to keep your car looking new. Their services include decontamination, engine detail, interior rejuvenation, and eco-rinseless washing; they also offer STEK clear bra protection to shield vehicles against chips and scratches.

Staffed with experienced technicians, this shop can perform any job, from simple washing and waxing to complete restoration projects. Trained in using top products from Optimum and Meguiars and affordable services that guarantee customer satisfaction, they guarantee affordable services with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Professional ceramic coating is an ideal way to upgrade and protect your vehicle’s finish, adding shine and radiant beauty that lasts. With its exclusive formulation and application process, the ceramic coating offers unsurpassed radiance that outshines traditional wax and sealant products for more excellent, longer-lasting shine retention.

Ceramic coatings make cleaning your car easy, repelling dirt and water spots for more manageable upkeep tasks and more time to admire its beauty. Ceramic coatings also provide additional advantages, such as improved protection from the elements and increased durability.

Selecting the ideal ceramic coating is an essential decision for your vehicle, and you should carefully consider multiple aspects before making your final selection. Ensure you investigate the company’s reputation, warranty coverage, pricing, and reviews or testimonials from previous customers before choosing.

KS Detailing & Ceramic Coating offers much more than car washing and waxing, in addition to providing paint protection film and ceramic coating services and leather conditioning/shampooing/seatbelt cover services for residential and commercial clients. They carry an impressive selection of interior accessories, including leather conditioner and shampooing services, seatbelt covers, and much more – perfect for residents and commercial clients!

KS Detailing is proud to be an Elite Dealer of Ceramic Pro surface protection products, an honor bestowed upon companies that complete a rigorous corporate training program and uphold an exceptional standard in facilities and service delivery. As an Elite Dealer, KS Detailing must carry all Ceramic Pro and KAVACA protective products and offer complete paint correction prep services with Americana Global professional detailing products.

K Wallace Signature Detail

K Wallace Signature Detail is a car detailing company in New York City, New York, that provides ceramic coating, waxing, and paint correction services. Established nine years ago as a minority owned and operated business, customers rate this car detail shop 4.8 stars on Yelp!

Two-step paint correction is designed to safely and effectively address auto wash swirls and oxidation without harming the clear coat, while three-step revision offers more aggressive options with cutting, polishing, and jeweling that produces mirror-like finishes; Additionally, it includes applying graphene-infused ceramic spray coating for surface protection.

K Wallace Signature Detail has an experienced, helpful, friendly staff, offering luxury hand washing with details separated by different mitts to prevent scratches or abrasions from the wash process.

Exclusive Auto Boutique

Danny and his team of auto detailers are unparalleled in Brooklyn. Taking great pride in their work and with an attention to detail that stands out, I had my full ceramic coat done by them and multiple follow-up hand washes. In addition to these services, they offer wet sanding, paint correction, buffing, polishing, and waxing. Their mission is to establish long-term relationships with their clients by providing excellent services like the CQuartz application, full paint correction, and interior treatments; their goal is not just car wash – rather they offer complete auto boutique services like these services for cars.

Dr. Detail Auto Spa

Doctor Detail did a fantastic job restoring the used vehicle with evident coat scratches from its previous owner, leaving us looking dull. They used a three-stage power polish and wax, giving the paintwork the same appearance of sitting in a showroom, plus did wonders with leather seats, getting oil out that had previously eluded all other cleaners available to us; I couldn’t recommend them highly enough and will be using their services again in future projects! I highly recommend using Doctor Detail! I will certainly use their services again in future projects! I highly recommend Doctor Detail’s 3-stage power polish and wax treatment, leaving a paint-looking showroom quality finish, plus leather seats that look brand new; incredible service from start to finish! Fantastic work that Doctor Detail provided. I highly recommend them and will use their services again in future projects!

Full detailing generally involves filling cracks and crevices, addressing trim, conditioning leather seats, cleaning glass surfaces, sealing exterior paint to protect it, etc. It typically takes 6-9 hours. Paint correction requires more intensive efforts that usually cost 2-3 times as much, such as decontaminating with clay and de-ionizer sprays, multi-step machine compounding/polishing procedures to relevel paint with no oxidation, swirl marks, or scratches that compromise its gloss refinish.