Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express


Money transfer apps that accept American Express provide convenient and dependable services for sending and receiving funds. By avoiding expensive fees, these apps can save time and money; some even allow purchases to be split among multiple people in your group or family.

PayPal is one of the leading money transfer apps accepting American Express, providing numerous payment methods and teaming up with leading corporations such as Walmart to create partnerships.


PayPal is one of the world’s premier online payment platforms, making it a go-to choice when purchasing products and services online. Offering competitive international money transfer fees and many additional features suited for merchants and consumers alike – such as Buyer Protection to protect buyers against fraudulent transactions and end-to-end encryption to secure user data – PayPal stands out amongst its peers as an indispensable choice when making transactions securely online.

PayPal accounts can be opened free of charge by providing legal first and last names, email addresses, and phone number information to verify your identity and create a password for security. After registration, bank accounts or debit cards can be linked instantly with your PayPal account so that payments can be made now.

PayPal allows you to send and receive money quickly through mobile devices, desktop computers, and the website. PayPal can also be used at various stores and restaurants that accept it – ask staff or visit its website if in doubt; some locations even use an app that scans QR codes so users know exactly how much their transaction will cost!

PayPal fees vary depending on where and why you’re sending money; person-to-person transfers within the US are free, while transactions from outside your PayPal balance or bank account incur a 2.9% fee. International transfers also incur different costs, which vary by country and currency.

PayPal can be an efficient means for making purchases and sending money online, yet its acceptance may not be as widespread. Furthermore, its customer service may be less reliable than that of credit card companies, and disputes may take longer to settle.


Venmo is an intuitive mobile payment app that enables users to transfer funds between friends and family quickly and seamlessly. With no learning curve and simple user interface design, Venmo is an excellent solution for splitting bills among multiple people. Furthermore, they provide physical store card services; these come with fees, though, which should be considered before signing up.

This mobile-only app enables users to send or request money from other users by clicking “Pay/Request,” inputting their username, amount, and note, and pressing the “Submit/Pay” button. When someone responds quickly, funds can be withdrawn into their bank account or used online to purchase items. Furthermore, you can quickly recover any funds you’ve spent due to instantaneous notifications; people with whom you owe can pay you back within minutes! The app makes claiming back what has already been spent easier, making requesting back money possible as people can be reimbursed within minutes!

Venmo stands out from other cash apps by not charging a fee to send money from bank accounts or debit cards; however, using a credit card will incur a 3% processing fee by your card company – this could add up quickly when using it frequently!

Venmo provides an app and a prepaid Visa debit card to make accessing money instantaneous and conveniently accepted everywhere Visa is accepted – including many online retailers and in-person locations. You can load the card with bank account balance from multiple Venmo users, then transfer the balance onto other Venmo users quickly for groceries, clothing, music, and movie purchases.


Skrill is an easy and secure digital wallet designed to enable payments on sites accepting it, offering multiple currencies and customer support through live chat, email, and phone. Furthermore, their security systems include several antifraud monitoring mechanisms.

Users of Skrill can deposit and withdraw funds in over 40 different currencies, making money transfers simple worldwide. Furthermore, eBay, Skype, and other retailers accept it for payment of goods and services they sell via Skrill as payment channels; additionally, the app enables the sending of money directly between friends or family members using this platform – its transfer fees are highly competitive, as the service covers over 130 countries!

When sending money abroad, comparing exchange rates offered by various services is essential. Some services may charge higher or lower exchange rates than the mid-market rate; such differences can often be significant and costlier compared to services like Wise, which utilizes an average mid-market exchange rate for all transfers.

Skrill’s debit or credit card options offer the fastest way of sending money overseas quickly; funds should typically arrive in their recipient’s account within one day. Other payment methods, including bank transfer or Rapid Transfer financed, may take two or three business days. Furthermore, Skrill’s secure e-wallet system keeps all payment data stored safely in one location – in case of any issues, Skrill will reimburse customers.


WorldRemit, based out of the UK, offers an easy method for sending funds abroad. Customers benefit from great exchange rates, fast transfers, and low fees; their services can be found online, via the app, and at agent locations nearby. Furthermore, their website features an informative FAQ page and a chat-style tool that answers many common inquiries.

WorldRemit makes payment easy: bank account debit/credit card, Apple Pay, and many other methods can all be used to complete your transfer. In addition, its online calculator lets you see current exchange rates and fees before completing a transfer; furthermore, its mobile apps meet international regulatory standards for security and compliance.

Once you’ve selected the currency and amount you wish to send, submit your transaction details online and wait for it to be processed. If desired, track your transfer online until it reaches its recipient. Alternatively, pick up cash from thousands of locations worldwide or directly deliver it to a bank account, mobile money wallet, airtime top-up service account, or prepaid card account.

To send payments using WorldRemit, you will need your recipient’s full name, residential address, and identification. WorldRemit is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), meeting international KYC standards; 93% of Trustpilot reviews on this company praise its excellent customer service; with its eKYC process, you can upload documents securely in the app instead of having to travel all the way out to an agent office to provide physical copies – saving both time and money along the way!

Cash App

Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment service enabling users to send and receive money quickly. Its mobile and web platforms feature robust security measures, including encrypted messages and PIN locks. Furthermore, users are offered a Visa-certified debit card that they can use at both physical stores and ATMs and add personal messages or emojis, which will appear on friends’ home feeds (unless the users make them private).

Adding funds to your Cash App balance is possible using a linked bank account or credit card, with deposits usually appearing one to three days after initiating a transfer. Instant deposits can also be requested and typically appear within one to three business days for an additional charge ranging between 0.5% and 1.75%.

Cash App stands apart from similar money transfer apps by not supporting gift or prepaid cards, though American Express cards that link to PayPal can still be added using the “Banking” tab within its app. To do so, open it up and tap “Banking.” To add American Express information, tap on that tab.

Once your card has been added, Cash App enables you to pay for goods and services at millions of businesses that accept American Express worldwide or use it to split the cost of meals and purchases between family members or co-workers. Although Cash App provides an easy and safe payment solution, users should remain mindful of potential scammers taking advantage of its anonymity; as a safeguard, it’s wise to password-protect your phone and enable an in-app security lock for extra safety.