Read the Dreaming Boy is a Realist


An unscrupulous classmate stalks an attractive high school girl. He attempts to get her to come over even though she finds him creepy.

The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist is an anime adaptation of Okemaru’s Yumemiru light novel series by Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ that currently streams on HIDIVE.

The Story

Read The Dreaming Boy is a Realist opens with an unrequited love between a high school goddess and one of her male classmates, where the male protagonist becomes so consumed with this attraction that he begins stalking her despite her warning to leave her alone. However, eventually, he comes to understand she is far out of his league and attempts to better himself; ultimately, this results in an entertaining tale of romance and miscommunications.

Okemaru has created an engaging yet simple story that’s easy to follow, with both characters having clear personalities that make watching enjoyable. Her protagonist, on the one hand, is not weak but a relatively competent and confident young man who strives for improvement, while the goddess presents more difficulty as her emotions change constantly, making her difficult to read at times.

The anime adaptation of the manga has garnered much praise due to its humorous and heartwarming story, making it highly recommended for anyone who appreciates romantic comedies. Lovers of romantic comedies should not miss Wataru Sajo and Aika Natsukawa’s story! Its animation and voice acting capabilities also deliver memorable cute moments and expressions!


The Dreaming Boy is a Realist is an anime that explores love interests and the difficulties associated with dating in high school. It features strong tsundere vibes and a harem-esque plot, making this show ideal for romantic comedy fans. Crunchyroll offers it, and it should be checked out if romantic comedy anime is your cup of tea!

Wataru Sajou, an adolescent boy, finds himself entranced by Aika Natsukawa despite never daring to approach her; nonetheless, his mind constantly daydreams fantasies of them confessing their feelings for each other. But soon enough, he realizes they don’t get along, leading him to separate himself from her and begin looking elsewhere for love.

Although The Dreaming Boy is a Realist received mixed reviews in its initial season, it proved immensely popular among romance anime fans. Unfortunately, its second season has yet to be confirmed by its creators; fans hope that eventually, they give it the go-ahead as its first season ended with a heartfelt confession of true feelings, setting up plenty of exciting romantic possibilities in store.

The characters in The Dreaming Boy are engaging and realistic, and the relationship between Wataru and Aika is believable. The anime has a beautiful art style with unique character portrayals that should appeal to readers of romance manga. Furthermore, The Dreaming Boy boasts strong tsundere vibes and an appealing harem-esque plotline, making it a fantastic pick for fans of romance and comedy.

The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist is an adaptation from Okemaru and Saba Mizore’s Yumemiru light novel series and serialized on user-generated novel publishing website Shosetsuka ni Naro in December 2018 after being acquired by Hobby Japan for publication under their HJ Bunko light novel imprint.

Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ announced on November 18 that The Dreaming Boy Is Realist has been licensed for an anime television series premiere in the Summer of 2023; Hobby Japan released vital visuals and a trailer for this exciting project.


An adorable tale about two girls who fall for each other and discover that there is more to him than meets the eye – an all-out romantic comedy sure to leave audiences beaming with smiles!

The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist is an animated television show adapted from Okemaru’s Yumemiru light novel series and is currently airing on HIDIVE. While fans have enthusiastically received its premiere season, critics have identified several issues.

Though its characters may seem generic, this anime is worthwhile if you enjoy tsundere romances and harem-esque plotlines. Especially beneficial is this series if you’re searching for a fresh high school romance anime with unique perspectives on dating during teenagehood.

Dreaming Boy Is a Realist takes an unconventional approach to romantic comedies: in Wataru, Sajo is anything but your typical hero; he starts the series off by admitting to himself being a stalker, although not in an abusive or dangerous way; instead, he simply can’t stop talking or following around after his love interest despite her pleas to stop doing so.

However, she eventually realizes there’s more to Sajou than meets the eye and grows closer. Over time, this causes her to alter her behavior towards him – becoming more open with others and showing more mature signs – leading to a dramatic conclusion to the tale.

Naoya Miyase, who plays Aika, previously appeared in Blue Period and Hell’s Paradise; Akigo Suzumoto, who portrays Taylor Holmes, has appeared in Classroom of the Elite and Edens Zero, among others.


Once a few episodes were watched, it became evident that this was one of those rare shows that tried to break free from the typical mass-appeal genre. While its cast and characters were appealing enough, ultimately, it failed due to ineffective directing and screenwriting.

The show centers around Wataru Sajou’s unrequited feelings for Aika Natsukawa. While this show features some typical romantic comedy elements, unique twists keep viewers engaged. Overall, it provides a lighthearted story that should appeal to most who watch it.

Wataru may not be Aika’s ideal guy, but she has romantic feelings for him. Unfortunately, Aika finds admitting these to him difficult as she fears rejection by him would endanger their friendship. For this reason, she tends to keep away from him to avoid confrontation or fall too deeply for him too quickly.

Although she loves Wataru deeply, Aika faces other struggles in life. Kei is often her rival for Wataru’s affection, and Aika often feels jealous of any attention he receives from other girls. Furthermore, her father was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Even though this anime is generally lighthearted, there are moments of serious drama. Though its ending seems rushed at times, this show remains a fun anime that appeals to most audiences. While its story may not be groundbreaking, its great characters and funny use of humor make this worth watching; Crunchyroll licenses it for streaming in the US, and is available online as well.